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From Nintendo To Netflix, Amazon's Server Failure Affected Very Many Companies

By Dr.Dang March 19, 2022, 10:12 p.m.
From Nintendo To Netflix, Amazon's Server Failure Affected Very Many Companies

It's barely a week since Amazon's web hosting subsidiary, Amazon Web Services experienced major issues. The outage however, affected a plethora of services hosted by Amazon from Nintendo to Netflix. It was a show of how much the modern internet depends on a single company.

From Nintendo To Netflix, Amazon's Server Failure

For some people, Nintendo going down was the big deal. For others however, it was the doorbell not functioning or inability to load Netflix. Thousands of Amazon warehouse workers were also forced to stop working.
The last time such a thing happened, very many services were knocked down as a result of Amazon's outage. So apart from Amazon's own products, i.e, Alexa and Ring, there are very many services outside here which depend on Amazon's web hosting and cloud infrastructure. Millions of people, companies and government agencies depend on these services.
Netflix, for example, uses AWS for almost all it's computing and storage needs. These include analytics, databases, recommendation engines, video transcoding, and much more. However, the services that Amazon's AWS customers use ranges. They vary from remote database software used for tracking business to remote storage for files and much more.

E-commerce sites went down

As a result of the hitch, Amazon's own e-commerce site went down and it's delivery drivers were unable to route deliveries. Other customers affected include, but aren't limited to Netflix, Tinder, Nintendo, McDonald's, Sweetgreen, Disney+, and Roku — all of which experienced issues on Tuesday
Amazon referred to it as "an AWS service event that affected Amazon Operations and other customers," in a statement delivered to Insider.
As much as Amazon is famous for being the internet's main storefront, the company's web services arm is a behemoth in its own right. Just like other Amazon ventures, AWS is the biggest player in the cloud service market in America. It has beat other competitors like Google and Microsoft. The AWS alone pulls over $40 billion for Amazon, making it one of the biggest investments in Amazon.
But then, why has AWS been so successful and why do so many companies depend on it?
Well, the main reason us, Amazon is one of the first companies in the world to invest in cloud computing services. So for companies like Netflix, AWS was the only option when cloud services were needed almost a decade ago.

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