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Forged Passports and Biometric Selfies on the black market: Here are the Prices

By Noir Aug. 2, 2021, 12:59 p.m.

Did you know that a forged Maltese passport is the priciest product on the 2021 Dark Web Priced Index? The sale of personal information is a booming business on the black market. The Privacy Affairs has thus published its 2021 Dark Web Price Index. It details average prices for various products, including passports and biometric selfies. Such selfies are used in biometric spoof attacks, forums, across marketplaces, and websites.
Now, the Dark market is the world’s biggest illegal marketplace on the darknet. In other words, it is the dark web’s black market. It is where the selling of the forged passports and biometric selfies takes place. It has gone offline following an international operation involving some nations.
These include:

  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Moldova
  • The United Kingdom (the National Crime Agency)
  • The USA (FBI, DEA, and IRS)

Prices of Passports and Biometric Selfies on the Black Market

Privacy Affairs say that three reasons contributes to the rising prices across products:

  1. The increasing risks of attaining information.
  2. The increasing benefits for buyers to use the information.
  3. The increased quality of the card data.

The forged Maltese passport is now worth an average price of US$6,500. In comparison, the least expensive product goes for $2. It is a forged US valid social security number.
Listed for an incredible $100 is a “USA selfie with holding ID.” It would help in selfie biometrics in identity verification.
The cost of a cloned Mastercard with PIN now costs $10 more than last year. It is now going at $25 even though it offers an 80% guarantee. This means that every two out of ten cards must turn out inaccurate.
A selfie-accompanied French passport and a utility bill are offered at $124.80. The reason being, many forms of ID require to pass proof-of-identification checks.

Australian passport scans being the most expensive, are worth $32. They are also the most common.
Infact, Deepfakes are also gaining popularity on the dark web. They are a type of AI used to create convincing audio, images, and video hoaxes. Criminal deepfake activity is developing into an economical niche. Also, The Hack Forum charges $20 per minute of fraudulent video.

Cryptocurrency in Dark Web Transactions

Unlike the deep web, the dark web uses cryptocurrency for anonymous transactions. Even so, dark web buyers have abandoned Bitcoin because of a lack of security. Instead, vendors do encourage buyers to use Monero as payment. And for communication, they demand Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption. It’s used to mitigate detection and tracking by lawful enforcement.
It is also crucial to use the Tor Browser when accessing the dark web.
In addition, hackers want to resort to social engineering techniques. They always want to gain login credentials, which is labor-intensive. Yet, it has a relatively low success ratio due to a current increase in security measures. Hacked crypto accounts appear to be one of the most valuable items for sale. They posses a verified Coinbase account selling for around $610.
Privacy Affairs provides recommendations for individuals to protect themselves from malicious activity.

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