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Flashpoint Report Reveals Considerable Change in Price in Cybercrime Tools on Dark Web

By Alex Nimoy Oct. 17, 2019, 8 a.m.

Flashpoint, a security intelligence firm has embarked on a comprehensive search on the dark web, assessing and analyzing the prices of cybercrime data of some of the major dark web websites. The Flashpoint report basically compared the prices of cybercrime tools in 2019 to the prices in 2017.

Some of these dark web markets include the prominent ones that were shut down in 2018 either through FBI intervention or exit scam. Since 2017, a survey on the dark web has been taken twice in a bid to present the emanation of newly advanced ransomware and other tools faced by institutions and individuals today.

The research placed a high priority on FULLZ (Full Package of Personally Identified Information), DDoS attack service, exploit kits, payment card information and a few other. The Flashpoint report admitted that there has been a rise in the price of some longstanding offerings used in fraud and cybercrime. However, the increase in price cannot be compared to the dramatic innovations of what has occurred in the world of cybercrime specifically in the area of target ransomware and SIM swapping.

The report further established that there is no known determinant of prices in the world of cybercrime since 2017, and the prices can record an unprecedented rise without any feasible explanation.

As claimed by the Flashpoint report, the fluctuation in the price of cybercrime listings on the dark web and any future changes is a “wake up call” to individuals and institutions to be very cautious and rise to the occasion, as this generally means there is a development in the cybercrime landscape. The prices for the FULLZ was a little higher than the prices in 2017.

The FULLZ can be the full name of the victim, social security number, date of birth and many more. These are in high demand because criminals can use the stolen information to commit serious crimes. The prices range from $4 to $10 according to the new Flashpoint report.

It was also reported in the Flashpoint report that FULLZ that contains the financial information of the victims are more expensive than the normal ones since they can be used for more serious crimes than the FULLZ without this information. The price ranges from $30 to $65.

According to the Flashpoint report, some actors also organizes the FULLZ based on the credit score. FULLZ with higher credit scores were generally expensive compared with those with a lower score. It was stated that targeted financial institutions and organizations have high favour for FULLZ with higher scores, making actors peg its price around $40.

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