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Fixed Matches on the Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 5, 2021, 11:53 a.m.
Fixed Matches on the Dark Web

Match-fixing is a major problem in the sports industry. Cybercriminals are now using the dark web to sell fixed matches to gamblers. So, the question is, what is on offer in the dark market? Moreover, are they authentic, or are they simply scams? Keep reading to find out more about fixed matches on the dark web

But this isn’t the first time for the sports industry to face the issue of fixed matches. Fixed matches are games with outcomes that are already determined before they occur. For instance, in 2013, Europol claimed that they spotted an organized crime group based in Asia.
The syndicate coordinated a massive match-fixing operation. The operation involved club officials, players, and more than 400 match officials. Moreover, while preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, FIFA dropped a referee. The Saudi Arabian referee got banned for attempting to fix a match.
MDR researched the 2018 football World Cup threats. The team realized several match-fixing ‘hidden services’ on the darknet. The websites advertise insider details on fixed matches to gamblers in the black market. But, are you willing to take the risk of buying?

So, Why Use the Dark Web for Their Match Fixing Sites?

International law agencies continuously monitor the online activities of dark web users. The agencies have an objective of disrupting and arresting criminals in the dark market. Still, cybercriminals use the dark web for illegal deeds. They use the darknet for its anonymity and safety from the authorities.
Furthermore, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have encouraged match-fixing in the dark web. The digital coins don’t link the user’s identities to the transactions. Hence, it’s a safer way of transacting in the dark web marketplace.
Also, the criminals use the Tor browser to access the dark web. The browser encrypts their online activities as they transact in the dark market. Moreover, it conceals their internet footprint. This makes it hard for the authorities to track the criminals.

What’s On Offer in The Dark Marketplace?

The darknet services provide insider information for various sports. Some sites have fully fixed matches for several sports. These include hockey, soccer, tennis, and more. The sites have different designs, and some use both clear wen and dark web.
The prices start from $99 for information on single matches. For two or three sure-fixed games, you can pay as high as $1500. Higher odds have higher costs, and the payments are in cryptocurrency. The common currencies include Monero and Bitcoin for their anonymity. For security, some sites even use escrow services.

But Are These Fixed Matches Authentic?

It is quite challenging to determine the authenticity of these odds. Unless you are willing to buy them and confirm if they are legitimate. The motives for the wide advertisement of fixed matches are unclear. Some sites even offer redacted screenshots as proof for successful bets. Furthermore, some sites even give out free tips.
Maybe the odds to the fixed matches are authentic, or maybe not. Undoubtedly, some individuals purchase the odds to the fixed matches. Those who have tried the odds hold a better answer to the authenticity of the fixed matches. If you want to experience it for yourself, get a tor browser and a crypto account. The two tools will get you to the marketplace in no time.

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