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Eric Eoin Slapped With 27 Years in Prison, But Wait for It

By Noir Sept. 22, 2021, 4:01 p.m.
Eric Eoin Slapped With 27 Years in Prison, But Wait for It

Officials disclosed the conviction of Eric Eoin Marques for conspiracy to advertise child pornography. The 36-year-old Marques advertised the content in the darknet marketplace. Marques got slapped with 27 years in federal prison and a lifetime of supervised release. The officials say that the hosting server had millions of images of child exploitation material. The authorities removed the material from the hosting server.

What Did the States Attorney Say about the Case?

Jonathan Lenzner, the Acting United States Attorney of Maryland District, commented on the case. Lenzner claimed that Marques is amongst the largest promoter of child pornography in the world. He also added that this was an exceptional case. Marques abused more than a million new child victims. Furthermore, the criminal attempted to keep the abuse concealed in the black market.
Regarding the case, Lenzner thanked the local and foreign law enforcement agencies. He expressed gratitude for the aid in bringing Eric Marques to justice. Moreover, he said that officials would continue to do everything they could to curb the issue. They will find and prosecute the criminals hiding on the dark web.
Furthermore, Lenzner said that that the darknet hides the identity of the perpetrators. With anonymity, the criminals carry out criminal activities freely. This encourages their heartless business of the sexual abuse of children for personal gain.

Why Eric Eoin Got Slapped With 27 Years in Prison

Marques comes from Dublin, Ireland, and is a dual citizen of the US. On 6 February 2020, he pleaded guilty after his extradition by Irish authorities. The charges against Marque got filed on 8 August 2013 in Maryland. He landed in the US on 23 March 2019 to face federal charges.
According to Marques' plea, they operated in the dark market for 5 years. He conspired to advertise child pornography from 24 July 2008 until 29 July 2013. Marques operated a free, anonymous web hosting server on the dark web. He used a unique network like Tor to access the darknet. The software enables users and website managers to stay untraceable.
Moreover, Marques confessed that this offense also involved the distribution of child pornography. The material involved minors less than twelve years old, like infants and toddlers. The offense also involved the depiction of violence and sadistic or masochistic material. Marques also said that he willfully obstructed the law based on the investigations.

So, What Is in The Websites?

The authorities claimed that Marques' hosting service hosted several websites. The websites enabled users to view and share the material. It had images documenting the sexual abuse of children. These included violent sexual abuse, prepubescent minors abuse, and bestiality.
The investigations also uncovered that the hosting service held over 200 child exploitation websites. These websites hosted millions of child exploitation material content. Furthermore, at least 1.97 million of the material involved victims previously unknown by the government.
The dark web is a special section of the internet that harbors criminal activities. You need specific tools like Tor Browser to access and transact on the black market. Tor uses several encryption layers to secure its online activities. Moreover, the encryption erases the footprints of the criminal's internet traffic. So, no one can't track the perpetrators' dark market activities.
Furthermore, the felons use cryptocurrency to trade on the darknet. The anonymity of crypto coins complicates the work of the authority. The currencies make it challenging to identify individual transactions and connect them to users.

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