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Enabling Chrome Dark Mode on Android: How Do I Do This?

By Noir Sept. 29, 2021, 9:06 a.m.
Enabling Chrome Dark Mode on Android: How Do I Do This?

Chrome’s dark mode has many advantages from Google’s web browser. Also, it is easy to use. For mobile users, enabling the feature helps boost battery life. Moreover, Google confirms that enabling chrome dark mode on Android needs less power. In comparison, bright interfaces on devices with OLED displays require the contrary.

In addition, you might realize that the feature improves your sleep. The reason being, it exposes you to less blue light, which might disturb your circadian rhythm. Dark mode exists on Android and iOS, alongside macOS. These reasons sound like a good reason to change to Chrome dark mode. Even so, read on to find out how to enable Chrome dark mode on Android.

Enabling Chrome Dark Mode on Android

Before looking at the steps, there is one crucial thing to note. Your device must use Android 5 or up and have support or a dark theme. With that said, here is how to enable the feature:
Open Chrome on your Android device.
Hit the three-dot menu button from the top right corner of the screen.
Select Settings and then Themes.
Click Dark to enable the Dark mode feature.
To move back to the light theme, follow the same steps. However, at the last step, select the Light option. Likewise, Chrome can automatically choose between the Light and Dark feature. In this case, the device acts as per the System Default option of your device.

Enabling the feature in Windows

Here are the steps to follow:
Enter the Settings menu and select Personalization.
Select Colors and scroll down to the switch labeled ‘Choose your default app mode.’
Change that to Dark. As a result, all apps with a dark mode feature like Chrome will change color. You are not required to restart your computer.

Are there Other Google Apps that Support the Dark Mode Feature?

There are many apps from Google that have the dark mode feature. For instance, Gmail has a dark mode feature. So then, it lets you view your inbox without the strain of the standard white interface. Above all, the feature is handy for mobile devices. Because it helps conserve a bit of extra energy while using your phone’s battery.

Dark Mode on Browsers like Tor

The Tor Browser comes with a dark mode theme. In fact, it can switch very fast if required. To switch to the theme, head into the Addons section. There are three ways to access this region. These are:
Type about: addons in the URL section of Tor.
Use the hamburger menu in the top right and select Addons.
Once you enter the Addons area, select Themes. After that, click Dark, and you are through!
Be careful when using Tor. The reason being, darknet users, use the browser to access the dark web. Together with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Tor enables anonymity in the dark web. The use of the darknet is not all dark, as even activists use the platform. Still, criminals like hackers spoil the dark web’s name.
Furthermore, people visit black markets on the dark web with the help of Tor’s anonymity. Yet, remember that using the Tor browser is not illegal. However, the use of the browser may raise the eyebrows of authorities. To avoid that, use Tor alongside a VPN.

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