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El Chapo Guzman: The current state of his empire

By Alex Nimoy July 2, 2021, 2:28 p.m.
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Elchapo Guzman is one of the most hardcore drug dealers in prison right now. But the current state of his empire is not something to question. Infact, the Sinaloa Cartel is home to some of the most scandalous drug barons in the Western Hemisphere, leave alone El Chapo.

El Chapo Guzman

Now, Jaquín Archivald Guzmán Loera, famously known as El Chapo, is not a new name to many people. The Mexican national is not only one of the most powerful drug Lords in the world, but also a renowned prison escapee. And do you know why he is serving his life sentence in an American prison? It's because no prison in his home land, Mexico could hold him.

Referring to El Chapo as a hardcore criminal could be an understatement. You see, he first crept out of prison in 2001. And it was not just any other prison, a maximum security prison known as Puente Grande.

The second escape was in 2015. This time, he escaped from Almoloya, which was thought to be more modern technology wise than Puente Grande. Elchapo's second escape was just like something straight out of the movies. Only that Sylvester Stallion didn't get a character. This unstoppable ninja used a tunnel to get out of a highly guarded prison. It became one of the most calculated moves out of a prison in human history.

In 2016, Mexican authorities captured El Chapo after a long hunt. In order to avoid any embarrassment, like in previous incidents, they handed him over to the US. Currently, El Chapo is being held in Alcatraz prison,US, under high security. But do you think El Chapo is unstoppable? You may have an answer for this.

The current state of his empire

Now, Guzman is in prison, and we are not certain whether he'll invent another method to help him get freedom. But what is the current state of his empire? Not known to many, the Sinaloa Cartel is neither dead, nor is it on it's death bed.

Infact, El Chapo's empire is more vigorous than ever.  The organization, which has since time immemorial refused to be referred to as a cartel, still sends millions of dollars of drugs to the US. Again, with black markets on the rise, the Sinaloa Cartel is reportedly exploring the dark web to access buyers of their drugs, like cocaine. Furthermore, Mexico is one of the countries leading in trading of dark web commodities. And the Sinaloa Cartel is one of the Country's major participants, so they can't miss a place on this.

Just like any other organization, this world famous drug trafficking conglomerate has very many management bodies. Moreover, it's an alliance of Mexico's top capos, Guzman included. And it's alleged that Guzman was never the sole leader, but commanded a powerful faction. Plus, his two escapes out of prison attracted much influence.

Sinaloa still has very many leaders controlling it's operations. A renowned journalist, Angel Vega, who has been covering drug trafficking, now close to 15 years, at one time reported that there are more than 20 El Chapos in Sinaloa.

It's undeniable that power struggles have been reported within Sinaloa, since El Chapo's absence. This is between a group operated by a former partner known as El Mayo, and another led by El Chapo's children. This makes many people question it's current state. However, Sinaloa is still in place as Mexico's most powerful drug trafficking syndicate. Furthermore, it has expanded its operations and now deals in highly profitable synthetic drugs. Equally important, the dark web is one of the latest contributors of the organization's stability.

If you are not still convinced that the Sinaloa Cartel is still active, then wait. In 2019, Mexican authorities captured El Chapo's son, Guzman Lopez, who had assumed his father's role. Then what followed? Sinaloa soldiers went and took control of the place where the young Guzman was being held. The authorities gave up. They freed the son of a drug Lord, who himself is another drug dealer.

What you need to know

Guzman remains one of the world's most famous drug dealers. Again, the Sinaloa Cartel is one of the most notorious drug trafficking organizations in the world. Black markets have always been the major destinations of most commodities from the Sinaloa group of friends.

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