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Drug Mafia from Gujarat Are on The Dark Web, and Their Activities Are Questionable

By Noir Sept. 30, 2021, 3:36 p.m.
Drug Mafia from Gujarat Are on The Dark Web, and Their Activities Are Questionable

Murders, smuggling, threats are a few crimes that with no apparent end. Investigations of multiple drug confiscations revealed the operations of the drug mafia. The authority realized that the drug mafia from Gujarat used the dark web in their operations. The criminals used the darknet for communication to avoid detection.

Three law enforcement agencies carried out the investigations. They include the local police, Gujarat's Anti-terrorism squad (ATS), and the Narcotics Control Bureau. The officials realized that the drug mafia operates from four main countries. These are South Africa, Iran, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

How did the authority realize that Drug Mafia from Gujarat Are on The Dark Web?

The authority knew about the trafficking after seizing some drugs from the culprits. The Gujarat ATS had confiscated about 30 Kgs of heroin in operation. The ATS also arrested seven people from Iran. The heroin originated from three drug mafia. Two of them are Iranians, and one comes from Pakistan.
The ATS officers identified the communication means used by the culprits. They realized the criminals use Satellite phones and Thuraya to communicate mid-sea. This was during a mid-sea operation On September 18.

The Plans of The Drug Dealers

An ATS officer claimed that the culprits planned to operate through virtual numbers. They would continue the operations even after landing in India. Reports say that the drug traffickers planned to land in Gujarat or Maharashtra. After that, the drug mafia would begin their mission.
Moreover, the officer said that the drug dealers intended to send the heroin to Punjab. After entering Punjab, they would secure their communication. The criminals planned to use virtual numbers and the dark web to avoid detection.

Earlier Arrests of Members

The arrests began in early September. The Narcotics agency apprehended a drug peddler from Zambia. The criminal carried 2kg of cocaine in him. Fortunately, he got hooked from the city airport. Later on, the department also arrested a drug trafficker from Nigeria.
An officer from the department made a surprising comment to TOI. The officer said that the agency doesn't worry about the criminals in the dark market. Conversely, their concern is on the number of drugs laid in the society by peddlers.
The officer also commented on the culprit's choice of communication. He added that the virtual numbers make it difficult to track them down. Therefore, their location is inaccessible as they use virtual numbers. The dark web also hides their identity on the internet.

Why Use the Darknet for Their Operations?

The dark web is a special segment of the internet. You need a unique network like Tor to access and transact on the dark market. Although it's hidden, it is a legal part of the internet. But most people take it to be a dangerous part of the internet. This is because criminals use it for devious acts.
Criminals trade weapons, drugs and hire hitmen in the black market. The tor browser uses multilayer encryption to hide online activities. This makes it hard for the authorities to track down criminals in the darknet.
Moreover, you can trade on the dark web using cryptocurrency. The digital coins are anonymous and secure your identity in the marketplace. With the anonymity of the currencies, the criminals can remain undetected.

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