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Drug Envelopes Led to German Darknet Dealers Arrests

By NoirDotAuthor March 23, 2021, 10:31 a.m.
Drug Envelopes Led to German Darknet Dealers Arrests

Koblenz – Customs investigators from Frankfurt and Gießen fished out more than 180 mail items with drugs in the letter centers that were to be sent to other European countries. So they got on the trail of a gang that ran a shop on the Darknet.

The 180 or so shipments alone contained more than 10 kilos of amphetamine and 7,900 ecstasy tablets. The Joint Drug Investigation Group (GER) Mainz took over the investigation and succeeded in identifying the alleged perpetrators despite their “conspiratorial approach”.

A lot came to light in the process: the suspects are said to have acted as members of a gang with drugs in a total of more than 1400 cases, with more than 200 cases involving narcotics in no small amount.

They are said to have procured the narcotics from time to time in the Netherlands and then sold them on to various marketplaces on the Darknet.

SEK raid on February 8th on nine buildings in Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. The investigators discovered around 30 kilograms of drugs – among other things. around 25 kilograms of amphetamine.

The estimated sales value is likely to be in excess of EUR 250,000.

The eight male and female accused (28 to 65 years old) are German nationals. So far, they have been silent on the allegations.

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