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Don't Make This Horrible Mistake with Cryptocurrency

By Dr.Dang March 24, 2022, 6:42 p.m.
Don't Make This Horrible Mistake with Cryptocurrency

What could be so challenging about investing in cryptocurrency? Well, it's not too hard; yet, that's when you don't make major mistakes.

Don't Make This Horrible Mistake with Cryptocurrency

What does cryptocurrency entail? What is blockchain in cryptocurrency? Before investing in the industry, take time to understand its technology. Otherwise, your digital currency experience will be a short one
You don't have to rush into it; take enough time to educate yourself.

The Horrible Mistake

Garrett Wagner from the New York State Society of CPAs had some advice. He said that cryptocurrency traders need to ensure they report gains and losses. Particularly on their income tax return.
"A cryptocurrency is just a new form of digital currency," Wagner stated. "It was created with something called blockchain technology, and the goal when it first got started way back in 2008 was to take currency away from the government and financial institutions."
Failing to report any gains and losses regarding crypto is a big mistake. So then, the Internal Revenue Service is taking action. It is cracking down to ensure people report any income or loss related to cryptocurrency. "If you've bought any cryptocurrency in the past couple of years, that's okay — it's selling it," Wagner said.
In addition, he said that when you sell cryptocurrency, it triggers a taxable gain or loss. So then, everybody who sold cryptocurrency in 2021 needs to take action. For instance, they should inform their accountant, tax person, or CPA. In fact, the traders' job is to tell them you sold cryptocurrency. After that, let the experts figure out the nuances.
Also, Wagner stated that this applies to Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Failure to report the IRS will catch up to you eventually. Moreover, you'll get penalized by paying interest for late payments. So, it is better to report that income today and avoid trouble.
Further, Wagner confirmed that the IRS is experiencing a backlog of tax returns. Therefore, ensure you file your income tax return as soon as possible. By doing so, you'll avoid any delays to your refund.

Other Mistakes to Avoid as an Investor

Do not fall for the hype. There might be a new currency online, and everyone is rushing to buy into it. Sounds like something you should jump on board with, right? Wrong.
Social media has a significant influence on the cryptocurrency world. As a result, many currencies get hyped up and crash. Do your research, and don't fall for the hype if you hear of new currency. For instance, read blogs from experts and speak to people in the currency industry. This will help you to gather information.
Also, do not fall for scams. They are in all industries, and sometimes, they can appear pretty convincing. Still, most scams in the digital currency world prey on new investors. So, don't open an account and invest your money into a site before researching them. Above all, beware of sites that ask you to recruit new investors in exchange for currency.
Lastly, investing in cryptocurrency can be a fantastic opportunity for financial gain. Yet, you want to ensure you minimize your room for error. Keep the above tips in mind before you begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

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