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Does The Government Tax Cryptocurrency Investments?

By J.Austine Nov. 8, 2021, 5 p.m.
Does The Government Tax Cryptocurrency Investments?

It's necessary to know more about cryptocurrency investment taxation if you plan to invest in digital assets any time soon.

Cryptocurrency investment taxation

Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, is a form of decentralized digital money. They operate on the principle of blockchain technology linked to a network of very many computers. It's not dependent on a centralized banking system that is operated by some authorities. Now, cryptocurrency is gaining momentum so fast since more and more people continue to take interest. Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies, either an investor or anybody handling it must understand the various aspects of it.
The question of how various governments tax cryptocurrency investors is a question on the lips of most amateur investors. Honestly, have you ever thought of how your government could tax your crypto investments? Well, we will help you answer this question today.
Concerned authorities work day and night to design standard rules and methods of taxation for cryptocurrencies. There is definitely no escape from paying taxes on the gains from cryptocurrencies.
Several countries in the past banned Cryptocurrency engagements within their jurisdictions. As things stand right now, they've seen light and have since lifted the bans. In India, for example, the Reserve Bank of India in 2018 banned banks and other financial institutions from facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. Recently, in 2020, the Indian authorities reversed the order.

Should you put cryptocurrencies under 'currency' or ‘asset'?

When talking about cryptocurrencies, there's a lot of ambiguity as far as the rules and regulations are concerned. If your cryptocurrencies stay put for a period not less than 36 months, they now fall under long-term capital gains. Your gains from a shorter period, however, are categorized as short-term capital gains. The long-term gains can be taxed at a rate of 20 percent.
The others, however, including ones where gains come during a short period, also remit taxes. However, the taxation is done at the applicable personal taxation rates.

Is Cryptocurrency trading classified as a business activity?

Yes it is! How is this now? You may ask. Well, if a trader continuously carries on Cryptocurrency transactions, any profit gained is taxed as business income. In the event that Cryptocurrency is held as stock in trade, the income arising from it is also taxed.
It's therefore necessary to note that profits gained in cryptocurrency trading is taxed as business income.
So to avoid any push and pull with your government,we at noirdotnews only advise you to  pay your taxes. After all it's for your own good and the prosperity of your country. Another thing, try to maintain a record of your transactions.

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