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deeper than the dark web: the mysterious Mariana's web

By Noir July 13, 2021, 10:45 a.m.

The dark web undoubtedly maintains a high level of secrecy on the internet. However, the mysterious Mariana's web takes it to a whole new level. Hence, it is one of those places on the internet containing very confidential information. It contains sites you can't find anywhere else. Again, accessing the Mariana's web is another nightmare. Thus, even dark web pros scratch their heads. Mariana's web is deeper than the dark web.It's here where the most expensive illicit trade and questionable exchanges take place.
According to word going around, only powerful governments in the world can access the Mariana's web. Some of the information stored here include files from the Vatican and the exact location of Atlantis. Additionally, it is home to the most powerful AI which controls the entire internet.

Now, to access the dark web, one needs a special browser like TOR. However, this is not the same case with Mariana's web. According to theorists, only quantum computers can access the Mariana's web.  In as much as there's no clarity if the Mariana's web exists, there's a possibility of the existence of such a digital enigma.

One needs a quantum computer to hack into the network

People who believe in the existence of the Mariana's web say it's accessibility is dependent on two factors: One, you must have computational knowledge of Polymeric Falcighol Derivation. This complicated algorithm is necessary to access the internet. Remember, Falcighol Derivation doesn't seem to be a real mathematical concept. And, it's only mentioned in matters Mariana's web.

Second, to calculate the Falcighol Derivation, one needs a functioning quantum computer. Remember,when the knowledge of Mariana's web first circulated, quantum computing skills were still in Fancy. And no quantum computers officially existed. Most probably, only the most powerful governments in the world have access to quantum computers. So, that's why they only can access the web.

Legend has it that it's operated by a powerful AI

Legend has it that Mariana's web is operated by a powerful artificial intelligence system. Consequently, it's this powerful AI that acts as the internet's all-seeing matron. It helps in controlling and monitoring the system. Again, others believe that Mariana's web is the AI itself. However, this is believed to be a compelling theory. Because, any being with that kind of intelligence is incredibly dangerous.

Artificial intelligence has existed for more than 70 decades. Since the 1950s. However,there is still little awareness about it.
The dark web: filled with horrors and wonders
The internet is home to different types of webs. The most familiar one is the surface web. Here, most pages are indexed and publicly visible. Equally important, websites such as Instagram and Facebook exist here.

Next is the deep web. This consists of websites which are not publicly accessible through a search engine. An example is your bank account. Only you and a few trusted individuals can access it.

Then, the dark web. The dark web is completely private and it's users untraceable. Plus, your browsing history and login details remain exclusively for you. So, you can share information and communicate freely. And, without interference from any oppressive powers.

Furthermore, it's in the dark web where all sorts of illicit businesses take place. People trade criminal services like assassinations, extreme pornography and the likes. Also, Illegal goods traded here include drugs and stolen weaponry.

The last option is the Mariana's web. It supposedly operates beneath the dark web. It's home to databases from powerful governments in the world. Furthermore, it's said to contain the most powerful AI system which controls and monitors the system itself.

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