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DDoS Polizei - German Officer claims to have DDoSed Dream Market

By Alex Nimoy Nov. 10, 2019, 5:04 p.m.

A senior German law enforcement source claims that police DDoS attacked Dream Market in order to steer buyers to WSM before its takedown.

This might be just the start of those wretches actions that place the law enforcement in the middle between good an evil.

A ddos attack is something that damages the entire Tor Network. Something that is just desgusting and selfish usually pursuited for personal purposes such ransom or general black mail.

There are also applications of DDoS attacks in order to make the servers run into a crash and give the attacker the chance to reveal the real IP address of a well protected server but still This is not the case !

Seems like the Law enforcement is jumping on board of the end justifies the means which places everyone once again in a very critical situation.

Is law enforcement a structure that is really able to act over the law boundaries ?

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