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Data Obtained During the Eskenazi Cyberattack has Landed on the Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 5, 2021, 11:48 a.m.
Data Obtained During the Eskenazi Cyberattack has Landed on the Dark Web

The dark web has many marketplaces that sell breached data. So then, following the Eskenazi cyberattack, their data landed on the dark web. The hospital is yet to recover completely.

Ransomware attacks against healthcare facilities are more frequent nowadays. For instance, the Eskenazi cyberattack happened on 4th August. As a result, the personal information of patients and employees ended up on the darknet. The institution confirmed that financial, medical, and demographic data got posted. Therefore, the data posted may include:
Social Security Numbers
Clinical information
Face photos
Patients’ account numbers
Driver’s license numbers
Insurance information
Email address
Also, deceased patients’ data got posted. The data included the cause of death and the date of death. To detect any suspicious activity however, impacted individuals should review information maintained. They can do this through credit reporting bureaus and relevant financial institutions.

So then, you can contact credit bureaus at the following numbers:

Experian 888-397-3742
Equifax 800-525-6285
Trans Union 800-680-7289
On the day of the attack, access to electronic medical records got halted. Hence, ambulances had to bypass the city’s safety-net hospital.
For impacted individuals, identity theft protection is available at no cost. Further, Eskenazi said impacted people would receive a letter. This letter will detail the specific type of information involved in the incident.

Impact of the Eskenazi Cyberattack

Now, approximately two weeks later, the hospital is still recovering. However, electronic medical records are now back online. This got confirmed by the hospital’s spokesperson. Yet, the hospital hasn’t revealed the demands of the hackers. Moreover, how the cyberattack took place.
Concerning the issue, an Eskenazi nurse said, “I’m already an anxious kind of type-A in control person. And for us to have just lost all ability to kind of keep all my ducks in a row, had me on edge.” In addition, the nurse said that, above all, the attack slowed patient care.
For example, when patients could not recall dosages of their medication. The dosages couldn’t easily get checked on the computer. She said that she now understood the essence of cybersecurity training.

How Cyberattacks Take Place

In most cases, the majority of attacks begin through a phishing email. First, an employer clicks a link in their email. After that, the link leads them to a site where they give away log-in information. Often, the emails seem like they are coming from trusted sources like contractors.
Hospitals can restore their data without paying a ransom. Even so, hackers may use the extorted information as leverage. Thus, threatening to sell confidential data on the dark web. The FBI recommends not paying ransom to avoid incentivizing future attacks. Still, about 30% of healthcare institutions comply with paying ransom.
Since the attack, the hospital staff to monitor the institution’s system. Also, artificial intelligence scans the network for anomalies. New hardware also became essential. Besides, the hospital officials are yet to confirm when they’ll return to full operation.
The darknet has various black markets where breached data gets sold. Other than breached data, other contrabands like weapons and pornography get sold. For safety purposes, dark web users navigate anonymously. They do this by using Tor which encrypts their online activity.
On top of that, they use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is hard to track. Likewise, apart from criminals, activists, protestors, and journalists use the darknet. Anonymity is all users’ end goals.
In conclusion, going around the dark web requires skill.

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