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Data from the Darknet is Now Leaking More than Ever

By J.Austine Oct. 24, 2021, 3:01 p.m.
Data from the Dark Web is Now Leaking More than Ever

Let’s imagine you get registered on an internet platform to buy online. After that, the page suffers a security breach. As a result, all data of the users get leaked. Further, the data from the darknet ges posted on the black market for sale, and the privacy of the victims gets compromised.

Now, there is a time between the breach and before the information gets exposed. During that time, third parties see the content and buy those accounts. For instance, let us look at data breaches that happened six years ago. The violations received 1,100 visits from third parties in that content. Yet, now such visits are 13,200.
The significant increase shows the speed at which data breaches spread on the darknet. Also, the danger is that data can run if it ends up in the wrong hands. In 2015, it took 12 days to reach those 1,100 visits. But now, it takes only a day to get that figure.
The reason this is happening is increased monetization of that data. Moreover, there are more options to be able to market the data. At the end of the day, personal data has a significant value online. Also, many are searching for ways to steal accounts and to access particular data.

Ways to Prevent leaking of data from the darknet

There are steps we can take to reduce the risks of data breaches. Above all, we can promote security and privacy. First, the most crucial thing is protecting our accounts. For example, this includes creating strong and secure passwords. In addition to that, using a password manager is advantageous.
Activating two-step authentication whenever possible is also essential. Furthermore, change the keys periodically to reduce the risk of a breach. With two-step authentication, an extra layer of security gets added to your account. This happens even if your password gets stolen.

Common sense

Common sense is crucial. As an example, do not leave a comment in a forum where we expose any personal data.
In an organization, cyber security training for employees helps a great deal. Remember that cyber security isn’t going away. Likewise, hacking methods and cyber attacks are advancing every day. There are many advantages to cyber security training employees. To begin with, the employees will know what to do in case of suspicious activity.
Additionally, they will know how to monitor activity in the organization. Data breaches will heavily impact institutions and organizations. Following that, cyber security training can save a company a lot.
A good antivirus can help hinder the entry of malware that can steal data. This applies no matter what operating system you are using.

Other Commodities found in the Dark Web

The darknet has various darknet marketplaces, also called dark markets. An example is our site, noirdotnews, or AlphaBay which has gotten revived again. Such marketplaces have different commodities like weapons and drugs. When transacting, vendors prefer cryptocurrency. The reason being, crypto transactions are anonymous.
To safely access the darknet in general, the Tor Browser gets used. The reason is, Tor Browser encrypts users’ communication across the dark web. in this situation, it requires special skill navigating the darknet.

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