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The Darkweb: a safe place!

By Alex Nimoy Nov. 13, 2019, 9 a.m.

Many people are really worried about browsing or even accessing the Darkweb mainly because the misleading notions gave by the media about this matter.

We are now going to make some light upon the concrete risks related to the Darkweb use and help everyone dissolve unjustified fears and insecurities.

The principal and most famous open source tool to stay safe is TOR Browser (https://www.torproject.org/) that masks your real IP thanks to a mix of cryptography and ip changing.
There are countries where the use of TOR is not so welcomed by Gov and so the use of a VPN, wich hides the the fact hat you are utilizing TOR and so avoid police monitoring.


The most controversial thought is that the simple access or browse of DW sites is illegal and can even lead to arrests or similar repercussions.

Nothing is wrong as what stated above, the darknet is meant to give all people the right and the tools to browse wherever and whatever they want in freedom and security.
In fact in many countries with strict laws and personal freedom privation, like making illegal the use of Facebook for example, the use of Tor give such populations the opportunity to keep their own voices and not being isolated.
Another clear proof that access DW is fine is that recently BBC launched their own .onion site to allow anyone to get latest world news.

So feel free to browse!


Let's talk about another of the most discussed DW topics : Markets.

Even browsing this kind of site using Tor will not get you into troubles in any case this must be clear.
Even if you just want to buy something from a market you Tor will be enough to keep you safe unless you live in a heavy controlled country and do recurrent purchases in this case the use of a VPN in addition to TOR will grant the security you need.

Note that these hints are valid if you are a "buyer" while being a "vendor" on DW is much more complicated since you repeat determinate actions in time slowly leaving traces e so on.
The people that do that are professionally prepared to vendor in a safe way.

In conclusion do not fear to explore and discover an always more present reality in our world, with the right precautions you face no risks at all!


With this article we don't intend in any way to incite people to crime or break the law.
We just believe in personal freedom and in the accessibility of web tools where it is permitted and we are against disinformation in all cases.

Knowledge is not a crime.

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