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Dark0de Reborn Market: One of the Most Competitive Dark Marketplaces

By J.Austine Oct. 24, 2021, 2:59 p.m.
Dark0de Reborn Market: One of the Most Competitive Dark Marketplaces

The new design of Dark0de Reborn Market is modern and pleasing to the eyes. Its interface is also different from its competition.

Dark0de Reborn Market is a darknet marketplace. Also known as Darkode, it got launched in March 2020. The developers claimed that they launched a fully 'omniversal market.' Meaning that all functionality required by any user got built into the market.
Now, Darkode marketplace has a long category list. As a result, almost anything gets sold on the market. For instance, from drugs to physical goods to weaponry.

Design and Interface

Dark0de is a marketplace that got built from scratch. Moreover, looking at the market, it seems pretty different from its competitors. Further, the design of Dark0de is modern and pleasing to the eyes. Its interface is also different from its competition.
Now, Dark0de manages to incorporate all the required features into one top bar. So then, the top-bar contains the following:
A drop-down category menu
All the account options
A search bar
Price of the accepted currencies

Features of Dark0de Reborn Market

Dark0de Reborn has many features. For example, it has all the standard market features and other unique ones. First, Dark0de Reborn has a built-in wallet. Only two cryptocurrencies get accepted, Monero and Bitcoin. In addition, a traditional escrow system is present when placing an order.
Also, multi-signature transactions are present. The marketplace encrypts all communication using PGP encryption. For more security, PGP can also get used for 2FA logins.
Dork0de Reborn offers an excellent vendor ranking system. Following that, vendors receive a reviewed badge. In addition to that, vendors can buy a Diamond and Gold badge. That gets done to gain more trust because scam vendors will only lose from such a purchase.
The marketplace also offers a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin can get exchanged to Monero and vice versa. Moreover, darke0de has a bitcoin mixer. Its purpose is to hide the origin of the coins.
Now, the weirdest feature found on Dark0de is the gift-card support. The gift cards can get purchased on the market and redeemed later on. Generally speaking, Dark0de Reborn seems like a great choice. In comparison to other marketplaces, the functionality of Datk0de is flawless. More so, its design is on par with many clear-net markets.
With many dark markets available, Dark0de manages to offer something better. In 2020, the market had 3,000 listings and was still growing.

Security Recommendations

Similar to all other dark websites, the usual security recommendations apply. Above all, stay anonymous. To do that, use the Tor browser. However, do not use the browser for any regular browsing.
Before using Tor to visit the site, you should switch off JavaScript. Dark0de Reborn got mainly designed so that you don't need JavaScript. The reason being, your security gets increased by switching it off.
Also, keep your darknet PGP keys and other credentials limited to Dark0de only. In other words, don't mix them with other activities that would expose your identity. Likewise, treat the system like a work system. Therefore, only install the software required for your operation.
So, do not install anything for other purposes such as entertainment. Subsequently, resist the urge to browse social media sites while you have downtime.  For that purpose, use your typical system.
We also recommend you run an operating system like Whonix and Tails. The reason is, they add security to your dedicated system for darknet activities. Another additional security measure is using a VPN. This is because Tor only anonymizes your browsing sessions and not other traffic.
You should particularly use a VPN when using any public WiFi hotspots. The reason is, you don't know if the access point is secure or not. A VPN ensures that all your traffic gets encrypted. When passing the access point, it protects you from eavesdroppers and possible I.D. theft.

Registration on Dark0de Reborn

Registration is a must on Dark0de Reborn. As a result, you will need to enter the following:
A password
Two usernames (one public and the other private)
A security PIN
There are no payments required for registration. In fact, it is open to all. Moreover, the account can get used to browse and buy products.
Similarly, vendor accounts and privileges are available on the marketplace. For starters, they go for $200. One other thing, three vendor levels are available. Suppose you are an established vendor on the marketplaces; you don't have to pay the vendor fee. Still, that gets decided by the marketplace team and isn't a guarantee.
Dark0de Reborn has products in various categories. The most common ones are:
Digital products
Money laundering
Digital forensics
Civil software
Illegal gambling
Chemistry equipment
As mentioned above, for most transactions, Dark0de offers the traditional escrow system. Because it is the simplest, easiest, and most secure mode of transaction. After that, there is Finalize Early (F.E).  When this mode gets used, funds don't get sent to the escrow market.
Instead, they get sent directly to the vendor. This happens even before a buyer receives their product. With F.E orders, disputes aren't possible. Besides, F.E privileges are only available for trustworthy vendors. So, the vendor must have a rating of 4.9 and a minimum of 250 cleared orders.
Following that, it is rare for F.E-enabled vendors to scam buyers. Moreover, users can enable multi-sig transactions.

Payment in Dark0de Reborn

The market accepts deposits via both Monero and Bitcoin. Fortunately, there is no minimum deposit limit for the two. When Monero gets deposited, it is required to get converted to Bitcoin. For the process, the market has an in-built coin shifter. It charges 1% on the conversion.
The Dark0de market has other upcoming features like:
Advanced ads
Additional cryptocurrencies
Fiat to crypto exchange

Dark0de Reborn Summary

Again, Dark0de is one of the best dark markets around. It got built from scratch and focused on traders' needs. Furthermore, it offers many features compared to other marketplaces. Dark0de is a bit aggressive with CAPTCHAs. Yet, they are easy to read and are more of a minor inconvenience.
Still, the extensive product palette makes up for it. Dark0de is one of the must-go sites if you want to browse products on the dark web.
In conclusion, when visiting any dark market, ensure only to use trusted links.

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