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Dark web: the cost of your social media account profilecial

By Noir July 6, 2021, 2:17 p.m.

Many people have been wondering if they could sell their social media accounts on the dark web. In this article, we will share with you the approximate cost of your social media profile on the black market, but of course, in USD. 

The cost of your social media profile on the black market

For several years, social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram have always been of much interest to hackers. And most of these accounts end up being sold on the dark web. Based on some recent research about this kind of trade, the prices these accounts go for may surprise you.

According to Privacy Affairs, prices for hacked social media accounts have been dropping drastically.  This they say might be caused by the diminishing value of the individual hacked accounts. Another factor which might lead to the decrease in the prices is the increased supply of hacked information. Remember, hacking cases are nowadays being reported almost on a daily basis.

Facebook is much expensive

To create an index of the approximate prices these accounts go for, the analysts did an extensive research. They looked at the associated dark web marketplaces, websites and forums. And when it comes to social media accounts, the prices fall across the board, and they can be purchased by any average fellow.

Facebook seems to be the most expensive. A hacked Facebook account goes for an approximated cost of $65. This is down from $80 in 2020. Last year, hacked Instagram and Twitter accounts went for $55 and $50 respectively. As at now, the accounts cost $45 for Instagram and $35 for Twitter.

Furthermore, prices for hacked Gmail accounts saw the highest fall. In 2020, these accounts caused an upfront of $156 compared to this year's $80.

Different hacked accounts for sale on the dark web

The researchers did not only reveal an increase in the number of items being sold on the dark web. They also revealed a wide variety of hacked accounts like for the Uber application. It's worth noting that this veritable underground market has now adopted the same sales technique as those of traditional markets. Some of these include offers and various promotion techniques.

Now, even though these information is sold at lower prices, some dark web customers use them as a basis for bigger scams. Some hackers use them to exploit  victims. You remember the $50 million ransom Russian hackers demanded from Apple? If yes, then that's  how serious it can be. Nowadays, stories of someone losing all of their life's savings in mysterious ways are no longer news. It happens everyday.
How safe are your social media accounts
The safety of your social media accounts lies with you. So what do you need to do? Okay, the first thing, never let anyone know your login details. Also, never use the same password on different accounts. Because with this, it would be easier for hackers to access them. Equally important, use safe browsers like TOR to help in guiding your data traffic through different servers.

Otherwise we hope you enjoyed reading this article. Just let us know what you think in the comments section.

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