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Dark Web Monitoring

By J.Austine Oct. 9, 2021, 3:18 p.m.
Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is the process of searching for and keeping track of personal data. Above all, this gets done on the dark web.

The dark web is a hidden network of websites that needs a particular browser to access. The reason being, it gets hidden from regular search engines. Moreover, the browser allows users to hide their IP addresses.
Thus, it promotes anonymity. For that reason, the darknet serves as a venue for people who want to remain anonymous. It may be for innocuous reasons or because they are involved in something shady. Often, stolen Social Security numbers or other identifying data get sold in black markets.
As a result, criminals may use the information to commit fraud. Dark web monitoring can help keep your identity secure. Therefore, protecting your finances.

How Dark Web Monitoring Works

Dark web monitoring services scan numerous websites every day. In so doing, they look for personal data that criminals use to steal an identity. The information can include the following:
Phone numbers
Credit cards
Social Security numbers
Medical identification numbers
Membership cards
Driver's license
Bank account numbers
Passport numbers
Some services can scan 600,000 dark web pages daily. After that, they send you a notification if they find compromising information. Further, you can monitor your child's personal information on the darknet. So then, you control the information you want monitored. For instance, for the data you want monitoring, give the service providers relevant details.

Types of Identity Theft that Happens on the darknet

Since the dark web provides anonymity, it isn't easy to track down data traders. For this reason, cybercriminals can open fraudulent accounts. Still, it is possible to recover from identity theft.  However, the process can take a few days or even several years. Also, it can be pretty costly.

How to Protect your Information from the Dark Web

In addition to monitoring, it is crucial to take more extra steps. The following are things you can do to be secure:
Use strong passwords and change them often. Hackers are always on the lookout. Hence, consider using a password manager.
Browse safely. Despite using secure browsers, also use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN prevents people from eavesdropping on your connection.
Safeguard your data. There are various ways cybercriminals can access your personal information. As an example of a prevention tactic, use password-protected mobile devices.
If you have already fallen victim, you can request for a fraud alert on your credit reports.

Proactive monitoring can help Reduce Risk

Cybercriminals aren't planning to give up any time soon. So, it is essential to take measures to safeguard your information. Again, tracking your online data through credit monitoring and dark web monitoring is crucial. More so, it can help you sleep a little better.
As mentioned before, many harmless people use the darknet. For instance, a dark web user can go to the darknet to buy some old books. Likewise, journalists and whistleblowers use the forum for anonymity. The reason being, their governments, may want to track their communications.
Additionally, if you want to access the dark web safely, use the Tor Browser. The browser covers all the online footprints of its users. Also, to avoid getting tracked use, cryptocurrency in all transactions.

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