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Dark Web: How The Unseen Internet Is Accessed

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:40 a.m.
Schemes cybercriminals are running

Accessing the unseen internet requires the user to have knowledge on how to do it safely. The dark web makes up 96% of all the information available on the internet. Meaning the other browsers at disposal only give you about 4% of the total information.

Besides, the darknet is a hub of all activities like pornographic content, hacking information, illegal funds activities, and many more. This makes accessing the unseen internet a risky venture that requires precaution at all times. You will need to stay anonymous on the site every time you access the internet.

How to Stay Anonymous in The Unseen Internet

When thinking about accessing the dark web, first, you have to consider your safety. This is not all about being a pro or an amateur but ensuring you don't get into problems. Here are the do's and don'ts when accessing the unseen internet:
Do not reveal your identity when surfing the dark market. It means do not share your data like name, address, bank account details, or passwords when surfing the web.
Before you access the unseen internet, remove external devices such as pen drives, hard disks and ensure you close them.
When accessing the dark web, block your webcam and turn off the microphone always. Consider using black tape to block your webcam for double protection.
To successfully stay anonymous, buy a premium Virtual Private Network (VPN). Proceed to install it on your PC, then connect the VPN to a Tor browser to surf safely. Remember that your safety is a guarantee if you use a premium VPN with encryption and boosts your IP address masking to ensure you stay anonymous.
When browsing, consider using the Tor browser after you restrict Javascript on the computer.

Ways of Accessing the Dark Web

The dark web is a risky marketplace that you cannot access without protection. Here's how to safely access it.
Purchase a premium VPN that provides a full security package to shield you from hacking risks that are likely to occur when surfing.
Download the Tor browser from the official site, then proceed to install it on your computer.
Link the VPN and the Tor browser
Then launch the Tor browser that will disable Javascript that is present in your Tor browser.
That way, you will be able to begin browsing immediately. However, you may use other ways to access the unseen internet. Consider using Reddit links like➳ r/Darkweb, ➳ r/Deepweb, ➳➳ r/DeepWebPics, r/Onions, ➳ r/Tor, and many more.
What matters in the unseen internet is your security since you don't know other people's intentions in the marketplace. Ensure you boost your security with the VPN, use the Tor browser or consider using Reddit and its links when surfing.

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