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Dark web assassins and things you might not know about them

By J.Austine Oct. 28, 2021, 6:05 p.m.
Dark web assassins

The dark web can never lack it's fair share of urban legends and myths because of its nature. To individuals who haven't explored it fully, the dark web is so mysterious. To add, it's barrier to entry makes it even more complicated. There exist thousands of stories and rumours about activities undertaken on the dark web. For example, the issue of dark web assassins isn't a new story to many.

However, for clarity, the hidden web isn't as sinister as most people think it is. Even so, some of these rumours going round are based on some seed of truth - who knows?

Dark web assassins

Have you ever heard before that it's very easy to hire hitmen on the dark web? Well, that is a persistent misconception even as we speak right now. You can even go to the dark web right now and find sites offering such services. Most of the adverts just require you to submit information about a target you want hit after which they ask for payment. The saddening part however, is, on most occasions, the story just ends there.

Most of these sites have been universally found to be scams targeting unsuspecting individuals. It's no lie you can hire hit men on the dark web. But only one out of ten of these sites delivers. The rest will just flee with your money. The perpetrators will simply set up a website on the dark web as a front. Ask you for some payment upfront in the name of hitting the target immediately after. Eventually, they just ghost their clients, take the money and run away.

Even though it's morally wrong, it's very smart business. After all, how will you go ahead and dispute the charge to get a refund? Unless you want to find yourself in jail. It's these groups of individuals who turnish the name of the dark web.

Hitman from Besa Mafia kills woman

Most people on the dark web have very positive intentions, until you meet the likes of the Besa Mafia. Ladies and gentlemen, you should avoid this site like a plague.

This site got to the limelight when it was exposed by one Chris Monteiro. Most of the hits realised in time are usually warned of the impending danger. However, much was not done with his research. It was until one of the targets listed on the site was found dead. Amy Allwine's husband had put a hit on her through Besa Mafia

So now, Allwine's story is a clear indicator that some people are willing to pay anything to see you dead. Since the dark web is anonymous, most people can't realise the individuals behind these ill motives. Still, they also get scammed and you live to see another day.

Furthermore, even if the site they use to get dark web assassins is a scam, the thought itself is unsettling. Who’s to say they won’t simply come after you again? Or, perhaps, find a way to hire a hitman that isn’t just a façade?

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