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Cyber-crime, dark web, drug mafia: the new world order

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:36 a.m.
Cyber-crime, dark web, drug mafia: the new world order

The Dark Web is a growing, anonymous, and hard-to-penetrate place. It's a very safe and nice place,. However, this is also where a few people with bad intentions distrust the government, buy and sell drugs and guns, hire assassins and watch child porn. Criminals, dissidents, and hacktivists also use the underground space to plot and carry out their work undetected. Dark web and cyber crime might be the new world order

Due to this, law enforcement agencies around the globe have issued the new world order on fighting these criminals. Who use this hidden corner of the Internet to do business.

The Dark Web is a subset and layer of the Internet and not visible with search engines such as Google and Bing. The Dark Web includes:

All unindexed web pages.

The content behind paywalls.


File-sharing networks.

Information that has been intentionally concealed.

The New world order on Dark Web

In the cybersecurity world, there is a new emphasis on detecting and preventing insider threats. The dark web — a walled-off network accessible only through anonymizing software such as Tor — has become a hotspot for such activity.

In November, The New York Times reported that law enforcement authorities had found needle rings hidden among computer servers operated by the Silk Road dark network.

Criminals utilize these channels to launder or transmit funds. Both for crimes like drug trafficking and human trafficking, as well as financial crimes like targeted financial fraud and cyberattacks.

Law enforcement agencies are sending a warning message to dark web vendors: adapt or perish. The FBI's notice left no doubt that vendors–especially those with covC–will target. And they deconstructed using the full force of the FBI together with international law enforcement, Europol, and foreign partners.

Cybersecurity - Cybercrimes

The dark web lives up to its namesake. It is an uncharted territory of websites, hidden away from Google and other search engines, inaccessible to everyday internet users. They lie in wait, accessible only through the use of special browsers or plugins.

The more secretive onion sites seem, at first glance, concentrated with spam and black hat hackers. On the other side of the spectrum are more legitimate communities of cybersecurity researchers. They collaborate on their shared goal of investigating cybercrime information.

Dark web malware kits, dark web cybercrime forums, landing pages, or suspicious journal subscriptions are examples of sources that provide valuable and actionable insights.

The dark web and drug mafia

Many people are drawn to the dark side of the Internet because of its anonymity. As a buyer or seller on these black-market sites, you'll have no traceability of your transactions. You can conduct transactions, fingerprinting no one who interacts with the product you're buying or selling.

The Dark Web is not just for drugs, guns, porn, or human body parts. It also includes many hidden services and Bitcoin wallets. These sites typically operate on Tor and rely on cryptography to hide their identities from public view.

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