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Cops Nab Tampa Woman for Hiring Hitman on Dark Web

By Noir Sept. 29, 2021, 8:47 a.m.
Cops Nab Tampa Woman for Hiring Hitman on Dark Web

DeAnna Marie Stinson got charged with trying to hire a hitman on dark web. The Tampa Woman wanted her ex-lover's spouse killed. So then, that led her to hire an assassin on the dark web.

Love can make you go to great lengths. Following that, DeAnna Marie Stinson from Tampa recently got arrested. The reason being, she used a darknet website that claims to offer murder-for-hire services. In addition to that, she tried to arrange a hit on the spouse of her former lover. All that got confirmed by federal authorities.

Tampa Woman's Attempt to Hire Hitman on Dark Web

On June 24, DeAnna created an account on a website on the dark web. The US Attorney's office in Tampa mentioned in a news release. The following day, she attempted to submit an "order" to get a hitman assigned for her job. Furthermore, she described the job as a "quick hit in southern Florida."
Also, authorities said that she included the name and address of the to-be target. In fact, a target is a person married to her former significant other. Moreover, she included a photo of the person. Over the next several weeks, DeAnna tried to organize the hit four more times. Along with that, she sent more than $12,000 in Bitcoin as payment.
Authorities also say that she sent multiple messages to the supposed contract killers. So then, the messages urged them to kill the target, and she even offered a bonus. In this situation, the bonus was to encourage the "killers" to do the job by a specific date. On July 31, DeAnna asked the website administrators to reassign the job.
"Reassign the job to someone who has a history of getting jobs done." She said. For this reason, she needed the job done as soon as possible.

How DeAnna Stinson Got Caught

Members of law enforcement got wind of DeAnna's alleged plot. As a result, an undercover agent posing as a hitman contacted her. Thereupon, the agent recorded their phone call, which would serve as evidence. Again, DeAnna stated her desire to have the target murdered. She also agreed to send a Bitcoin payment.
True to her word, on September 13, DeAnna Stinson sent a Bitcoin payment of $350. The amount was to cover the cost of a revolver that would get used in the contract killing. Following that, DeAnna got arrested. According to the US Attorney's office, she faces a charge of murder-for-hire.
Likewise, she also got charged with soliciting a crime of violence. If convicted on all counts, the 50-year-old faces a maximum penalty of ten years in federal prison. Clary, DeAnna's neighbor, couldn't believe the news.
"My neighbors were all going crazy. Murder for hire. Wow, I'm glad I didn't make her mad as a neighbor!" Clary said.

How DeAnna Tried to Cover Her Tracks

As mentioned before, DeAnna used Bitcoin payment. This is because she thought cryptocurrency couldn't get traced. Thus, when dealing with the undercover officer, she was reluctant to use Western Union. Indeed, she felt the money could get traced back to her.
More so, like other darknet users, DeAnna used Tor to access the dark web. Tor provides anonymity to its users, who include journalists, hackers, activists, and others. So, criminals like DeAnna, take advantage of the anonymity and visit dark markets.

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