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Conspiracies and related dark web stories

By J.Austine Oct. 18, 2021, 10:39 a.m.
Cospiracies and related dark web stories

Conspiracies and dark web stories give people nightmares. Still, at the same time, they have people’s attention. It is like eating chocolate ice cream-once you start, you can’t stop. In fact, you will keep going back for more. Likewise, this is what happens when you start looking up weird stories about the darknet.

People find themselves spiraling into the depths of it many times that it becomes freaky. As a result, they come across head-turning content that gives them sleepless nights. So then, be curious but be aware that you might end up traumatized.

What is the Dark Web?

Basically, the dark web is the darker part internet not accessible through normal means. So, don’t lurking your way in, as you may land into trouble. It gets accessed through the Tor browser. The browser covers the footprints of its users hence making them anonymous.
The darknet is a portal that gets entered by people who are ready to know about it. Moreover, engage in it. The website URLs are unknown to ordinary people. Again, sometimes what goes on in the platform is disturbing. From deadly weapons getting sold to torture chat rooms. In short, expect the unexpected here.
However, the dark web has a bright side. Activists and protesters also use the darknet for anonymous communication. They do that to avoid confrontations from their governments. In addition, journalists also communicate with their sources on the dark web. The reason being, the anonymity the platform provides protects their sources.

Dark web stories

First, believe it or not, cannibalism is happening around us. Did you have a clue? One day some people got bored and decided to play around. Thereupon, they decided to visit the dark web. The most horrifying site they came across had a comprehensive guide for cooking women.
This may come out as like a joke, but it isn’t. Further, the page had the following information:
What body parts to use for specific cuts.
How to prepare these cuts
How to cook the girl, so she survives as long as possible
Now, sometimes slow internet can be advantageous. As another person visited the dark web, they found this one guy’s home page. Following that, they saw a link that said: “For journalists and new people on the deep web.” They clicked on it, hoping that it was interesting and had useful information.
Yet, a new page opened, and a picture started loading. Thank heavens for their slow internet. The reason is, all that loaded was the head of an old man with blood on his chin. Seeing that, they quickly closed the tab before the rest of the photo loaded.
Child pornography is common on the dark web. But, this next case is a bit too much. There was a film about a girl who got tortured and sexually abused. More so, the video got widely distributed among pedophiles on the darknet. Also, the larger internet community got hold of it on Reddit.

Other developing stories

Similarly, some guy stumbled on a disturbing live stream. It contained a girl sitting on a chair. She commanded people to tell her what kind of abuse she should do to herself. For instance, eye-gouging, cuts, and bruises. After all that torture, she eventually killed herself.
Lastly, there is a website that conducts despicable experiments on humans. For example, injecting a pregnant woman with bleach. The website insists that people experimented on are homeless people.
In conclusion, dark web users buy the absurd content using cryptocurrency.

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