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Child Abuse Ring in Connection to the Dark Web

By Noir Aug. 2, 2021, 12:47 p.m.

Pedophile Wayne Moonie insulted many boys, some as young as ten. His offenses stretch back from a 1980s child abuse ring to more recent offending on the Dark Web. The paedo also admitted using drugs, alcohol, and money to groom boys before abusing them. He later became a senior member of chat rooms in the Dark Web.

Moreover, he shared thousands of images of children being molested. Moonie was to stand trial with Richard Charles Galloway of Auckland. Unfortunately, Galloway died from cancer. So Moonie admitted to the following charges:

  • Performing indecent acts on boys.
  • Showing a boy pornography.
  • Sharing child sex abuse images online.

Abuser’s Appalling History

Roger Allison said that as a teenager, he was drawn into a drug-peddling circle of pedophiles. “I was an extremely happy and talented young boy,” he said in Auckland District Court. Moreover, he continued saying that everything seemed to fall in place.
He was only 13 when Moonie introduced him to drugs, alcohol and began sexually abusing him. Since then, every bit of the world that he had known came to an end. He, in turn, suffered post-traumatic stress order and developed trust issues. Allison described the child abuse ring as “cockroaches.” Still, he told Moonie that he had forgiven him.
Years later, another victim came up. Aged 14 and from central Otago, he met Moonie in the Dark Web. They met through a chat room catering to older men interested in young boys. Consequently, the FBI and law enforcement in New Zealand monitored Moonie’s activities.
Prosecutor Jacob Barry said that Moonie had deeply entrenched sexual interests in minors.
The court ordered the destruction of Moonie’s computers and all associated equipment. Plus, he got a sentence of six years and five months in jail.

The Child Abuse Ring and the Dark Web

Now, the Dark Web refers to encrypted online content not indexed by search engines. Tor is the browser mainly used to access the darknet anonymously. Also, the Dark Web’s black market uses cryptocurrency to mask transactions.
For this reason, it favors paedos sharing images and videos worldwide. Moonie shared about 16,000 videos and images of children being sexually abused. Authorities confirmed this happened between 2015 and 2019. Singularly, the paedo also posted about 15,000 messages related to child sexual abuse. He moved from being a “lurker” to being an “administrator.”
Dark Web users shared images and videos of boys aged between five years to 16 years.

The ‘Party’ Flat

Galloway lived in one of the regular party venues. The flat adjoined Dilworth School’s senior campus in the genteel suburb of epsom.
Allison says the flat was the “school grounds.” Teenagers would be taken there and would be sometimes offered money to take off their shirts. Equally important, the boys would also be encouraged to take beer and smoke marijuana.
Allison also said that he once woke up to Galloway doing a sex act on him. “I got out of bed and went to the shower. I remember standing under the shower absolutely bawling my eyes out, and when I looked, he was standing there masturbating.”
The child sex offender’s register now contains Moonie’s name.

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