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Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot and Dark Web Controversies

By J.Austine Nov. 8, 2021, 4:53 p.m.
Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot and Dark Web Controversies

You might know him from the famous TV Show Good Mood Food. Or better yet, you might recognize him from the ‘Spicy’ meme. Yes, we are talking about celebrity chef Ainsley Harriot. What you may not know is that the dark web was after him.

Undoubtedly, Harriott is one of Britain’s best-loved TV chefs. Still, he used to be a marked man in the dark market. The 64-year-old chef popped up on a darknet hitman-for-hire service three years ago.
According to Metro, an anonymous individual tried to use the service to assassinate Harriott. Luckily for the celebrity cook, the website turned out to be a scam.

So, What Happened with The Hit on Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot?

Well, the hit didn’t go through. The dark market, Besa Mafia, was just but a scam.
The conmen used the side to stump up cryptocurrency. They would ask them to pay for the services in Bitcoin and later string them along. The scammers received payments for assassinations that never happened. Moreover, they tried to demand more coins by threatening to send evidence to the police.
Cyber security experts watched in horror as husbands ordered hits on their wives. They also got shocked to see a man placing a hit on a ‘popular’ couple he knew.
Gossip about the black market spread across the internet. Accordingly, it became clear that Besa Mafia was a con. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the person who placed a hit on Harriott really wanted him dead.
Tech security Chris Monteiro investigated the darknet assassination site. According to Monteiro, the site got trolled by people. He said the people were “taking the piss at it being a scam”.
“As a result, someone had uploaded that picture of Ainsley Harriott as a joke. It was one of the first pictures we saw,” Monteiro explained.
“Later, I took out a hit on Bob the Builder and Boaty McBoatFace when testing their submissions system,” he added.
Fortunately for Harriott, it all turned out to be a scam. A site designed to rob individuals of their Bitcoin.

What Is Harriott Famous For?

Harriott is famous for hosting Good Morning With Anne And Nick. Additionally, he was a resident chef for various shows. These include Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook and Ready Steady Cook.
He hosted Ready Steady Cook for a decade and had a finale in 2010. In 2019, the producers revived the show. We all thought that Ainsley might be back when the show aired in early 2020. However, the show had Rylan Clark-Neal as the new host.

Harriott Inspires Several Memes

For those who don’t know him as a celebrity chef, you’ve probably met him in a meme. The chef is famous for his catchphrases. For instance, “Give that meat a good ol’ rub” or “Spicy”. Both phrases appear in memes, and he is happy with his viral fame.
While speaking to iNews in 2020, he said: “My daughter brought to my attention a card saying ‘spicy’ and a picture of me, and I was like ‘What? I didn’t know about that! I don’t think my agent knows about it!’
“But if someone’s happy, let them get on with it.
“I think it is a bit surreal, but at the same time, I’m hoping that it is a sign of happiness, that it brings joy.”

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