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Binance Recovers Stolen, Disguised Crypto Loot From Mega Hack

By Dr.Dang May 16, 2022, 9:37 a.m.
Binance Recovers Stolen, Disguised Crypto Loot From Mega Hack

More than a week after the United States tied one of the biggest heists in cryptocurrency to North Korea hacking group, more recovery has been done. The crypto mixers made it hard and impossible to track the move. Skills and knowledge from Binance have made an effort to retrieve around $5.8 million of stolen loot. The plunder had made its way onto its platform in disguised form. This achievement serves as a warning for those who might try to encash the crypto gains. It gets harder.

Binance Recovers Stolen, Disguised Crypto Loot From Mega Hack.

In the last seven days, North Korean hacking groups were in a mess. This was as result of being tied with theft of more than $600 million in cryptocurrency from the Ronin software bridge.The tracking was done by the United States Treasury Department. An Ethereum hacker's wallet was identified and traced to have moved to Tornado cash. 

How Binance tracking was possible.

“We coordinated with industry leading blockchain analytics firms and immediately froze the funds when exposure to our platform was identified" . Chief executive officer,Zhao,said  around 86 different accounts were discovered.

As more hackers persist, more effort is put to <u>recover large amounts that were eroded in cryptocurrency</u>. In the last seven days, around 56,200 Ether and $170 million worth of stolen cryptocurrency was evacuated on Ethereum blockchain. The stolen funds were all sent to newly created addresses, with some of those addresses in turn transferring the tokens to Tornado Cash. More than $230 million of the crypto has moved from the wallet, according to Peckshield.

There is a trick they use to avoid being tracked, they break the link between the sender and receiver's addresses of transactions.Chainalysis, which has experience in “unmixing” Bitcoin transactions, said Binance’s ability to freeze the funds is “a win” for victims from the Ronin hack. 

“Binance’s action today to freeze funds stolen from North Korean-linked hackers despite their use of complex obfuscation techniques was made possible by world-class investigators with the right tools and collaboration,” Erin Plante, said.

The United States government  urges communities to lock their digital doors to help curb stolen virtual currency. A free compliance tool,which is a free program was developed to block crypto wallet.<u>The Chainalysis</u> has also come up with a paid product that alerts customers on addresses.

In the past 24 hours, one of the addresses that received 10,129.935 Ether from the hacker’s main address sent about 1,528 Ether to a second new address. The second address was sending Ether in batches of 100 Ether each to Tornado Cash.

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