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Billions of User Data on the Dark Web

By J.Austine Oct. 6, 2021, 3:39 p.m.
Online Gaming Accounts Hit Hard in A Major Hacking Incident

A survey reveals that the user data of 1.5 billion Facebook users got listed for sale in the darknet. The information got collected by a process called “scrapping.” Moreover, it is a godsend for hackers looking to launch a phishing attack.

It revealed that a database containing the Facebook accounts was on sale on a dark web forum. The media estimates, “If it turns out to be genuine, it may be one of the biggest Facebook data breaches to data.” In addition, the database got put on sale at the end of September. In fact, it got put by a hacker known to the forum community.
The data contains the following:
Email addresses
Places of residence
Telephone numbers
According to the latest news, Facebook has 2.85 billion d’active users every month.

1.5 Billion Facebook Accounts are at Risk

Now, the hacker published a series of examples. The reason being, they wanted to prove the veracity of the database. According to Privacy Affairs, the data published on the dark web was factual. Furthermore, this information doesn’t come from other leaks spotted in the past. It is proprietary data.

So then, Privacy Affairs specifies that the user data sample is unique.

The seller said the database got created using the Scrapping method. So, the technique involves extracting public information on the internet. Moreover, it does this through several sites using a script. This data is not the result of a security breach or hack. Concretely, compiled information is already available on the web.
Still, this information is of interest to crooks. Because of this database, attackers can set up effective phishing campaigns to trap internet users. Also, remember that some hackers can exploit data in a brute force attack. In this case, the attacker uses software to test numerous combinations. They do this until they get the correct password.

Could the Data Leak be a Scam?

One user claimed to have gotten a quote of $5,000 for the information of one million users. Yet, several users in the black market forum reported not receiving anything. This is despite sending money to the original poster. As a result, this could indicate that the alleged leak was a scam. Or maybe, the alleged data holder was running late.
A Facebook company spokesman said, “ We’re investigating this claim and have a takedown request to the forum that’s advertising the alleged data.” Further, the spokesman directed to other reports. The reports highlight the probability that the “leak” was actually a scam.
So, if the information got obtained via data scraper, no accounts got compromised. However, accounts can still get accessed. This is if the data got obtained by the right kind of cybercriminals. Besides, it is possible the data got acquired by marketing operations. The reason being, to push certain ads on affected users.
In the dark web, all transactions are in the form of cryptocurrency for anonymity. Also, users like Whistleblowers and protestors use Tor Browser for the same purpose.

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