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Bewildering Practices of Dark Web Users

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:25 a.m.
Bewildering Practices of Dark Web Users

Today, the dark web appears in the search history of almost 1.5 million people globally. Furthermore, studies have identified the most searched for dark web browsers. Remember, these special browsers enable dark web users to access dark web pages.

These darknet pages are hidden and thus one can’t be reached through regular search engines. Moreover, research shows that approximately 57% of the dark market web pages contain illegal products and services.

What Is the Difference Between the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

While people usually use the deep web and dark web interchangeably, they are pretty different. The deep web defines anything on the internet that is not indexed but is accessible by search engines. Deep web content for example, encompasses sites that need sign-in details. Additionally, the deep web includes contents blocked from indexing and web crawlers.
Conversely, the dark web is a silver part of the deep web. It is intentionally encrypted and requires special browsers to access. Equally important, the darknet is a part of the internet where the bad and good coexist. The good side of the dark web is that it offers secure communication platforms and anonymity for its users. On the other hand however, it is a black market that hosts criminal activities.

The Dark Web Browsers

Dark websites utilize special softwares to enable access to the distributed network. The report compiled by Uswitch ranks the searches for various dark web browsers in the past year. The most searched for browser is the Tor browser, with 910,730 searches. Following Tor are Waterfox, Whonix, and Subgraph OS3 with 52220, 21770, and 80 searches, respectively.
The Tor architecture is famous as it offers two services. Through the Tor browser, users can browse and exchange information anonymously. This technology in particular enables users to develop a remote server within the Tor network. The users can create these servers by adding a couple of short lines to a configuration file.

Which Countries Hold the Most Bewildering Practices

When it comes to countries with the most searching activities, Americans top the list. People in America have the highest number of dark web searches, approximately 382,800 online searches. Following the United States is India, with 251,400 searches. The United Kingdom takes third place with 78400 online searches. These three nations are followed by France, Italy, Indonesia, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, and Turkey, respectively.
In the United States, New York residents are the most in the black market with 10220 online searches. In the whole of Europe and the British Isles in the United Kingdom, Londoners have 8490 darknet searches. Persians in the European Union lead in dark web searches with 5450 online searches.
While searching on the dark web, most people usually use search engine keywords. These keywords can be in English or other native languages. This is because translated online contact is limited.

What Can people who use the Dark  Web Find in The Marketplace?

Even though the dark web accounts for a fraction of illegal activities, it is expected to experience exponential growth. The black market depends on cryptocurrency and anonymizing technology to conceal the trade in the platform. The marketplace is also home to drugs, weapons, body organs, and even stolen credit card numbers. Security and safety encourage criminal acts and keeps law enforcement agencies in the dark. However, governments are coming up with ways of fighting cybercrime.

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