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Avoid this SMS Malware Targeting Android Users

By Noir Sept. 30, 2021, 3:39 p.m.
Avoid this SMS Malware Targeting Android Users

Cybercriminals come up with new phishing schemes very often. As a result, we should be on toes. In addition, we should avoid SMS malware targeting Android users.

A new SMS malware is trying to target Android users. The malware does this through their phones by promising details about COVID-19. In the US and Canada, the malware is known as TangleBot. Moreover, the malware can do the following:
Make and block phone calls.
Send text messages,
Overlay malicious screens on a compromised device
Cybercriminals continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, TangleBot tries to trick Android users into downloading malicious malware. In addition, it does this through phony messages about the ongoing pandemic. “New regulations about COVID-19 in your region. Read here,” One message said.
Hank Schless said social engineering uses the pandemic to trick people is on the rise. In fact, he termed it as a major global concern. Furthermore, he continued that people are ready to let their guard down. Especially if you promise the information, they need.

How the SMS Malware Targeting Android Users Works

First, a link gets sent in the form of a message. On clicking the link, you get notified that the Adobe Flash Player on your device is out of date. Thus, it needs to get updated. Many people take the bait. So then, they click on the follow-up dialogue boxes.
In that case, the TangleBot malware gets installed on your Android device. Once installed, the malware receives granted permission to access and control features. The features include:
SMS and phone capabilities
Internet access
Call logs
Microphone access
Following that, the malware got its name because of what it can do. As an example, it can control various functions with several levels of obfuscation. With the necessary access, the cybercriminals involved can do the following:
Send and obtain text messages
Record the screen, microphone audio, or camera or stream them
Put overlay screens on the device covering legitimate apps
Set up different methods to observe activity on the device
Above all, the ability to overlay screens is very troublesome. For example, the malware can overlay banking or financial apps. As a result, it steals our financial account credentials. Further, as a way of spread, the malware can use your device to message other devices.

About personal data

Any personal data stolen finds its way to the dark web through hackers. More so, in the darknet, buyers are eager to scoop such sensitive data. Still, a victim can remove the TangleBot malware. Even so, criminals may not use the stolen data for a while. So, you may remain at risk.
The dark web has several black markets that sell various contraband. Therefore, to navigate safely, darknet users trade using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Likewise, the Tor browser gets used to provide anonymity. Besides, people like activists and journalists who aren’t criminals also use the dark web.

How to Protect Android Users from SMS Malware

To begin with, keep in mind that hackers are constantly upgrading their schemes. Hence, be aware of them using SMS phishing to carry out attacks. Also, be cautious when installing apps on your Android device. For this reason, install apps only from legitimate sources.
You can also avoid responding to unsolicited texts. Again, responding to such messages only confirms that you are a “real person.” In conclusion, always guard your mobile number.

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