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President of Haiti assassinated: Assassination linked to drug trafficking

By Noir July 10, 2021, 1:32 p.m.

Jovenel Moise is no more. Moise, who has ruled Haiti since 2017 was assassinated this morning, with his wife sustaining serious inquiries. The first lady is still under medication and her condition is unknown. The assassination has been partly linked to drug trafficking and trade on the dark web.

Haiti has always been referred to as "the crossroads of the Caribbean drug trade". The country's top officials and elites have always made headlines when it comes to drug trafficking. Consequently, the impact this kind of trade has had on the people and economy of Haiti is sickening. Talk of lack of jobs, political instability, death from starvation, the situation is worse than we can put in writing.

Still, drug lords rule the streets and they have the final say in the government. This is the country where $10 billion goes missing and nothing is done about it. Most of this is linked to drug trafficking done on the dark market.

President of Haiti assassinated

President Jovenel Mouse, 53, was assassinated at around one o'clock in the morning of Wednesday, 7, July 2021. He was killed at his home by an armed commando group who also shot his wife several times. The wife is said to have survived serious injuries and is currently undergoing treatment. Equally important, the group of killers is believed to consist of locals and foreigners.

Mouse's home where the assassination took place is in the Pelerin 5 district of Petionville. It is one of the wealthiest areas within the country's capital of Port-au-Prince. Remember, the assassination comes barely 24 hours after the president had named a new prime minister. Ariel Henry was appointed to take charge as head of government. Again, Henry was appointed to prepare the country for elections which are due in two months.

Haiti has for a long time been faced with political instability. Mouse's era for example was never smooth. The former president was declared the winner in an election conducted in 2016. His declaration was met with controversies. Ever since, hundreds have died in the streets in protests demanding for his resignation.

Assassination linked to drug trafficking and trade on the dark web

Haiti has for a long time been in the spotlight for drug trafficking. Now with the dark web, the trade is growing bigger. In recent years, several government officials have been linked to drug trafficking. In 2017 for example, former Haiti coup leader Guy Philippe, was charged with drug trafficking in an American court.

Two years ago, in 2019, there were a series of demonstrations in the Country's capital and major cities. The demonstrations were calling for Moise to leave office and let elections be held in honour of the 2015 elections which were cancelled. Moise responded by saying that he would not leave the country to be ruled by armed groups and drug traffickers.

According to various reports obtained by our editorial desk and several video clips published on social media, Mouse's killers claimed to be members of DEA. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), is a US special unit tasked with combating drug trafficking within US. This suggests that Moise was probably a drug dealer. The killers identifying themselves as members of DEA was therefore to create confusion and reduce suspicion. Remember, critics have always insisted that Moise wanted to remain in power to protect his drug dealing business.

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