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A dark money group is here and ready to fight

By J.Austine Oct. 5, 2021, 11:51 a.m.
A dark money group is here and ready to fight

Dark money negatively affects you as a US citizen, but a silent big brother (dark money group)  is currently fighting for you. The increasing influence of dark money in US politics threatens democracy and what it stands for. It is also a critical source of political finance that influences house, state, and federal political campaigns.

The opaqueness of dark money makes it easy for wealthy individuals, corporates, and even foreign actors to influence US elections.  In addition, black markets (physical and dark web) like drugs and other criminal activities are sources of dark money. As a result, dark money is vulnerable to money laundering besides undermining your democratic rights.

However, North Fund, a dark money group, addresses dark money problems and advances progressive advocacy to enhance your democracy.

A Dark Money Group

Now, North Fund funds several progressive advocacy outfits like Just Democracy. It is a dark money group because it operates on a dark money principle. Also, it does not reveal its donors' identity. Infact, it refused to disclose the identity of its donors to Montana state officials.

Moreover, North Fund has no online presence, not even a website. With only a known physical address at a coworking space, North Fund is too obscure than other typical advocacy groups. However, it uses obscurity to challenge other active political outfits that run on dark money to influence US politics.

How is North Fund going to lead in this fight?

Dark money is problematic because it conceals the political agendas of most nonprofits that can also undermine democracy. This makes politicians only answerable to faceless forces that donated the money at the expense of US citizens.

Contrary to conventional dark money activities, North Fund acts as the financial and legal sponsor of several progressive advocacy nonprofits. Imperatively, the nonprofits, including Just Democracy, are used to counter dark money activities.

In this regard, North Fund expanded its budget allocation to US$50 million in 2020, up from US$9.3 million in 2019. The increased budget allocation allows North Fund to fight dark money and champion other progressive political agendas.

For instance, through Just Democracy, North Fund heightened campaigns for federal legislation to enhance transparency in active political nonprofits.
Additionally, North Fund has influenced successful ballot campaigns in Montana, Colorado, Missouri. The actions of the dark money group are being felt in the tech industry, too, through its affiliate Accountable Tech. Equally important, Accountable Tech is an advocacy group calling for accountancy for big tech companies.

The North Fund is leaving nothing to chance to advance progressive politics that protects US democracy. Also, it is leveraging the dark money principle(lack of financial transparency) to attack dark money in US politics.

Remember, North Fund is exerting its pressure to counter dark money through financial and legal sponsorship. It also sponsors several progressive nonprofits to counter dark money activities at state and federal levels. With complete obscurity, it mirrors the actions of dark money it's targeting. As a result, North Fund uses its network of nonprofits to check and reduce dark money's impact.

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