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A 15 Year old Girl Charged with Child Trafficking and Pornography

By J.Austine Nov. 3, 2021, 6:28 p.m.
A 15 Year old Girl Charged with Child Trafficking and Pornography

A then 15 year old girl allegedly downloaded hundreds of videos of young children and infants being raped and tortured. The Dublin Children's Court has heard that the girl obtained these video clips from the dark web. The girl is facing charges with two offences under the Child Trafficking and Pornography Act.

According to court documents, the girl believed that paedophilia is an acceptable sexuality. She therefore used the dark web to access this content. The lady is accused of possessing  348 images and 196 videos grouped as category one graphically featuring sexual activity. Inspector handling her case also charged her with possessing 432 images grouped as category two. Identity of the teen is withheld because she's a minor, 17 years old.

A 15 year old girl is facing charges

Investigations into the case began in 2019 after the U.S National Center for Missing & Exploited Children contacted Irish authorities. Garda Inspector told the court through its president Judge Paul Kelly that the girl made no replies to the charge.

Based on the volume and depravity of the material involved, the DPP suggested a trial on indictment in the circuit court. This is because it has broader sentencing powers. However, because the girl is still a minor, she had rights to a preliminary hearing. Purposefully, to plead with the Children's Court to accept jurisdiction.

Revealing further information related to the case, Inspector Braonain said American authorities informed Irish police of child abuse images on a Google account. Garda later used the lady's IP address to find out where she lived. Furthermore, the authorities forensically examined her mobile phone. Consequently, files were extracted onto a hard drive and examined.

Physical torture and books of evidence

Inspector O Braonain added that one of the videos was made in the Philippines. It particularly featured a one year and six months old child being raped and physically tortured. In the presence of a parent, the girl signed a consent form giving authorities the password to her online account.

Denying jurisdiction, however, the Judge in charge said it was too complex for the children's court to handle. He therefore postponed the case for the office of the DPP to summarize a book of evidence for her trial. Inspector O Braonain also objected to bail due to the seriousness of the case. He argued that the girl had not been diagnosed with any mental challenges. She however showed no empathy and believed a child's abduction, torture and murder was morally okay.

Comfortably Navigate the Dark Web

Inspector O Braonain also maintained that the girl is technically knowledgeable and can comfortably navigate the dark web. Also,he also talked of flight risk concerns. This is after the lady allegedly told him that she had plans of moving to a foreign language to teach music.

In his own words,  O Braonain said, "she identifies paedophilia as an acceptable sexuality and is awaiting the opportunity to commit a contact offence; her sexual boundaries are very much distorted." Her solicitor further pleaded with the court to impose strict bail conditions on her. These include banning her from having or using any internet-capable device.

Judge Kelly also agreed to the bail terms suggested by the solicitor. He further warned her that she must never leave her accomodation unaccompanied or even apply for a passport. The girl personally agreed to the bail terms by saying "yes".

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