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5 hidden secrets which shows Squid game is from the dark web

By J.Austine Nov. 8, 2021, 4:48 p.m.
5 hidden secrets which shows Squid game is from the dark web

Netflix always amazes us with it's TV series. However, with Squid game, the American based over the top media company went a notch higher. Apart from a story that has amassed millions of fans around the world, Squid game has some hidden secrets. So let's see this together. Don't forget to check out our site for more dark web related news here

Honestly, Squid game is not just a simple signed TV series by Netflix, with its success, we can define it as a true phenomenon. The TV series has not only thrilled millions of fans online but has also given birth to a Squid game in real life.

5 hidden secrets of Squid game

All competitors choose blue colour
In the first episode of the game, all competitors contacted to take part in the game chose the same colour. They all went for the blue card ddakji, initially proposed by the director during their first meeting.
From the dormitory, you can see the video of all the competitors during the recruitment process, they all chose blue. It is, however, speculated that whoever went for the red card, it has become one game guard.

All deaths are announced in advance

When you examine the second episode of season two with unblinking eyes, you'll definitely find clues to the deaths of the protagonists. The first is Ali, who picks his boss's money without his consent. He however had a credit with him. His fate comes marked by the theft of Sang-woo who steals his marbles.
Deok-su, the offender of the group, jumps off a bridge to avoid being eliminated from the gang. The death of man, as we know, will happen precisely by falling from a bridge (made of glass this time)

My-nyeo reveals his death early

Another protagonist of the series, Mi-nyeo announces how his death will happen. All the way from a woman of the cruel Deok-su, to a renegade of the gang. Finally he became a member of the team of the good ones.
The woman further reveals to her new team how powerful she felt. This is in episode five when she leaned back to take the impact of the opposing team. Unfortunately, his death is a lot similar to that position that had made her feel powerful. She ended up committing suicide during the game of classes. She also brought with her Deok- Su, to whom she had earlier  promised certain death in case he betrayed her. Promise kept, what do you think?

Sae-byeok changes accent

Most of us definitely know that Sae-byeok is a fugitive from North Korea. She allegedly fled the army to find a better life. While on the run unfortunately, she loses her father. Her mother however remains in the hands of the North Korean dictator.
Her brother also saves himself but ends up in the orphanage where he often goes to see him. During interviews, the girl uses a North Korean accent. Those who know the accent can confirm. During conversations with competitors however, Sae-byeok speaks with a purely South Korean language.

Player 001 doesn't exist (popular opinion)

When Hwang Jun-ho opens the 2020 game file, he finds the players folder as a major fallback. Hwang Jun-ho is the undercover cop looking for his brother. The file belonging to player 001 either doesn't exist, has been stolen, or it had never been placed in the folder.
Any information captured is fundamental for a probable twist in next season.

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