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3 Types of Cryptocurrency to invest in

By J.Austine Nov. 8, 2021, 4:17 p.m.
3 types of cryptocurrency to invest in

It's time to wake up and get motivated because Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm. Despite past uncertainty, crypto is now bigger than ever. So very many digital investing options exist in 2021, but which ones are outstanding? Continue reading to find out the best types of cryptocurrency to invest in.

3 Types of Cryptocurrency to invest in

Number 1: Bitcoin

No crypto list is complete without the founding father, Bitcoin. Bitcoin is probably the first term that comes to mind when one thinks of Cryptocurrency. Most people even refer to Bitcoin as Cryptocurrency. So to put things in black and white, Bitcoin is the most common and most popular Cryptocurrency.
The coin is usually associated with several user benefits, among them, it became the first coin to enter the crypto market. This makes it more appealing to most crypto enthusiasts. However, other benefits include:
Little or no service fee
Quick mobile transactions
Several payment options
No banking fees
Transaction autonomy

To get more information about Bitcoin, you can check it out here

Number 2: Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is undoubtedly the second most popular Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It entered the market in July 2015 and ever since, it has never disappointed. It has been in circulation now for six years and so far there's much to celebrate, thanks to the Ethereum foundation.

Like other assets, you can generate interest on your Ethereum investment holdings. Also, you can use it as currency just like cash, or even Bitcoin. Often tin, Ethereum is viewed as the most stable cryptocurrency of the bunch. American moneybag and media magnet Mark Cuban reportedly acknowledged this trend in the fall of 2021.

Even though amateur investors flock to Bitcoin, Ethereum's rising demand is yielding more resources for investors. This includes crypto platforms, mobile tools and ATMs. So it's a great time to give Ethereum a try.

Number 3: Tether

Just the way it appears I oud number 3, Tether has the highest value in the crypto market. A great alternative to other cryptocurrencies, Tether is a crypto token distributed by Tether Limited. Tether Limited is further controlled by the owners of Bitfinex. Unlike other cryptocurrencies however, Tether is referred to as a stable coin. So how is this? Well, Tether had a fixed worth of $1.00. The word Tether therefore means that this cryptocurrency is always tethered to the US dollar.

However, since it's only equivalent to $1.00, Teth is truly not a popular long term investment. Still, you can make money through interests by saving your tokens on various platforms.

Summary on best types of cryptocurrency

Crypto has officially gone beyond past expectations becoming a top investment option. So do your thing, it's still early. Cryptocurrency is always hot news, so stay up-to-date on changing trends. Make sure to regularly check on our site, noirdotnews for more updates on cryptocurrency trends.

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