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15 Suspects Arrested for Reselling 50 Million Pieces of Information on The Dark Web

By Noir Sept. 21, 2021, 6:41 a.m.
15 Suspects Arrested for Reselling 50 Million Pieces of Information on The Dark Web

The Yancheng police arrested 15 suspects for selling citizens' information on the dark web. The police revealed that 50 million pieces of citizen data were resold in the dark market. Additionally, the police said that the data was worth 150 million yuan.

15 Suspects Arrested for Reselling 50 Million Pieces of Information on The Dark Web

While investigating cybercrime, Yancheng police focused on apprehending 15 primary suspects. The police realized that the suspects sold personal citizen data in the black market. The suspects used code words or fruit groups to resell the personal identifiable information.

Victims To the Cybercrime

The Yancheng police intercepted the resold citizen data on the dark web. During the investigation, the police arrested 15 suspects linked to the crime. Such cases have transpired from 2009 to 2020 with different means of fraud. Some citizens lost 3000 yuan or less while others incurred losses greater than 10000 yuan.
One of the affected parties is Gu Hong, a citizen from Xiangshui, Jiangsu. The criminals sold Hong's personal information frequently. Hong never suspected that his personal information was resold as fresh hand data recurrently. Furthermore, Hong became a primary target of telecommunication fraud. He was also targeted by lending groups as they tagged him as "there is a need for funds." Still, Hong is not the only victim.
The criminals have access to more than 50 million pieces of personal citizen data. The personal information is worth more than 150 million yuan. According to Ni Chen, the host officer, the evidence shows that the crime has a great impact. Chen says that criminals have personal information belonging to more than 50 million citizens.

The Data Sold

There is a variety of citizen personal identifiable information data stolen by criminals. The data entails citizen information like name and contact information. It also has bank account details, home address, and ID number.
Li Jianjun, an officer, says that the information is quite valuable. Furthermore, he claims that downstream gangs usually use the data. Li also believes that loan gangs use the data to target frauds or marketing. This results in server social harm.

Dark Web Tracking of the 15 Suspects Arrested

Earlier his year, the Yancheng police identified a dark web post in the marketplace. The post indicated that the user SS52098 had personal information belonging to Chinese citizens. In the post, the vendor was offering Gu Hong's personal information. The vendor added a caption saying, "first-hand data, there is a need for funds."
The police realized that the user frequently sold citizen's personal information. This was after checking previous posts from the vendor.  Since 2020, the vendor has been using the account to sell citizen's data on the black market. Even so, the officers could only track his long username list. The security and privacy of the dark web made it a challenge to find the user's real identity. This is because the dark market always ensures its users' anonymity.
Arrests of the Cybercriminals
Han Zhujin, a trainer at the Network Security Brigade, says that the suspect concealed his identity. Han adds that the suspect used international communication software to trade the information. More than 30 individuals are players in the crime, and they haven't met personally.
Finally, the police managed to identify user SS52098 through a series of methods. They realized that he was a young man known as Wang Chao. Wang is a 27-year-old residing in Gong'an County, Hubei Province. After Wong's arrest, the police linked other suspects to the case and made 15 arrests.

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