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10 bizarre things about the dark web

By J.Austine Oct. 30, 2021, 3:46 p.m.
10 bizarre things about the dark web

The internet is home to a lot of bizarre things. Now, part of the internet which is accessible through the use of an anonymizing browser known as Tor is called the dark web. Because of some evil minded fellows, the dark web for sure is flooded with illicit content. The kind that might even get you arrested if you viewed it on the open web. Drugs and illegal weapons just to mention, are some of the items you might encounter on the dark web. However, the situation is not always like that.

There are several forums on the dark web where users can communicate freely with each other without any bad motive. Additionally, individuals who lack freedom of expression in their countries can also hide on the dark web and speak freely. Today, we present to you bizarre things you should know about the dark web.

bizarre things about the dark web

Number 1

It is only accessed through a special browser known as Tor ( The Onion Router).

Starting our list on the most bizarre things on the dark web is the issue of Tor. Remember, Tor is still the only powerful browser used to access the dark web. It features an encryption system similar to that of a Virtual Private Network ( VPN).  However, it's better to access the dark web using Tor in combination with a VPN. These hackers know better than you do.

Number 2

Most Dark Web Sites are Scam

There are numerous websites on the dark web claiming to be selling certain services. Most of them however, do not remain true to their words.
When you buy something, especially with payment upfront, it will never reach your doorstep. And what makes the situation even more complicated is that you also ordered for an illegal item. You got nowhere to claim for repayment.

Number 3

Not everybody on the dark web use it for crime

Yes, at noirdotnews to be specific, we encourage people to use the dark web, but not for crime. When you hear about someone using the dark web, you'll be quick to brand them criminals. Not known to many, most people on the dark web aren't Ill intentioned. Various people have used it to make rightful claims that would be illegal to say openly in their countries.

Number 4

Dark web sites always use a special Domain ending in . onion

If you want to know the magic behind operations on the dark web then here it is. Now, most browsers only view domains with certain highly rated domain suffixes. These may include; .com, .org, and .gov.

Sites with the suffix .onion however, can only be accessed through specific browsers like the Tor. For this reason, .onion sites are much more difficult to trace.

Number 5

Most transactions on the dark web are undertaken through cryptocurrency, Bitcoin being the main one.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies with no centralized regulation. Also, it only relies on cryptography to prevent cases of fraud and counterfeiting. As a currency with no centralized management, Bitcoin is very hard to trace. This makes it very suitable for transactions on the dark web.

Number 6

Silk Road Was Once the most popular site on the dark web

Before it met its death in 2013, Silk Road commanded the highest following on the dark web. The giant met its untimely closure in 2013 following the FBI's involvement. Silk Road was founded in 2011 as a black market for various products, typically illegal substances.

Any illegal deal could mature on Silk Road. There were very few restrictions on the types of businesses done here. After it was shut down, a new version known as Silk Road 2.0 resurfaced. However, it also met its death after a few days of service.

Number 7

Some people use hidden Wiki sites to find links to the dark web

There are so many Wiki sites, some of which can be found even on the open web. People use these links to find . onion links to explore. Luckily, most of the Hidden Wiki sites do not include links to illegal sites.

Number 8

The FBI has done sting operations on the dark web

Sometimes, you may come across a link that won't just load. Or, they will show a screen with the FBI logo telling you that the site has been seized. This however is not the full extent  to which authorities have been trying to take down illegal dark web sites. A few years back, in an operation dubbed Operation Bayonet, Dutch police hijacked Hansa, a dark web marketplace.

Number 9

It is not a crime to browse the dark web

This is one common misconception that scares most people from using the dark web. Most people tend to think that the moment they click a dark web link, they've committed a crime. Now if you go to various dark web sites and just undertake healthy businesses, you're not a criminal.

Number 10

The deep web is not a dark web, but the dark web is a deep web.

You might be surprised to read this, but listen. There are two types of hidden websites. The dark web, which is more mysterious and the deep web, an umbrella term for anything using a . onion link. Get it? Well check out on our Chanel here to learn more about the dark web and deep web.

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