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Monopoly Market

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By Alex Nimoy Oct. 21, 2019, 8:08 a.m.

Monopoly Dark Web Market, a direct deal Marketplace using only Monero (XMR) as Cryptocurrency. Focused on drugs with only direct functions in order to prevent Exit Scam Scenarios. The idea behind Monopoly Marketplace is a built from scratch platform based on sub-dread Reviews.

The Main Points of Monopoly Dark Web Market

It may seem like a young platform but it is certainly full of ambition
They define themselves as:
"A direct deal, walletless, userless, XMR exclusive, drug-focused,
marketplace aimed to provide a portfolio of well-vetted vendors for
reliable, safe trading."

But Lets go in and see what they got.


They want to mitigate phishing attempts and reduce the number of clicks required for every user to perform a purchase.
With Monopoly all that matters is your Order Code. No sign up or login process is involved. If you are Wondering "how i can reset or find this order code in case someone get it ? Or i Simply lost it ?" Simple, your PGP key will get all sort.


All orders are treated as FE (Fast Escrow). No wallets are being generated and everything goes direct to the Vendor.

Monero Market Only

Cause of the Monero (XMR) privacy benefits Monopoly Dark Web Market doesn't allow cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) that can be easy tracked.

Drug Focused

Monopoly's wants to handle mostly physical products. This due too the high amount of problems that derives from digital and general fraud items.

Custom Links for Vendors

The Market is under attack ? No problem, Vendors will be able to use thir own custom link. This will alow them to fulfill orders and keep the operation up and running.

Methods to reduce scamming

Monopoly's fight against scams is focused on "secure by default" system. They use multiple vectors in order to prevent and reduce scamming on their platform.

  • Past feedback on other marketplaces.
  • Posts within the community (mainly Dread) to review how complaints were dealt with, involvement in drama, and other general activity.
  • Age of their vendor profile and how long they have been in the community.

Once we have established a positive footprint we will allow them to vend on our marketplace applying limits to the following;

  • Defect rate Vendors have a limited amount of disputes before their account selling priviledges gets automatically restricted until it falls below the threshold.
  • Pending Orders To avoid huge exit scams from taking place when a vendor hits their limit for simultaneous orders, they will be unable to take any further orders until they fall back below the threshold.
  • Listing approval – All listings are manually approved before going live. This is to ensure the quality and to keep the marketplace tidy.

As NOIRdotNEWS we don't have a personal review yet to publish for Monopoly market. So far this is what we could see from outside and without Admin interactions.

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