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Tor Browser’s Guide for Deep Web Darknet First Time Divers

By Alex Nimoy June 12, 2021, 4 p.m.

Tor browser is browser made to anonymize your web traffic via the TOR network. This is the most helpful tools in order to protect your identity online.

What means Tor and why there is a Dedicated Browser for it?

TOR browser is  a custom version of mozilla firefox, a browser with a focus on the privacy of individuals. Find out more about mozilla on their official website https://www.mozilla.org/.
TOR version of the mozilla browser as been modified in order to grant better security but more important to allow the users to connect to the TOR network. So with it you will be able to browse the “onion” domains that cannot be reached by a common browser.

A few caveats: Tor browser is slower than clearnet and some web services block Tor users. If you are from a country with strong limitations in terms of personal freedom, like China or turkey, the use of Tor browser is illegal. This comes from the will of those authoritarian regimes to prevent citizen from reading or publishing and even communicating without a watchful eye on their head.
Nowadays Tor browser is widely used by dissidents and journalists around the world and is now considered a beacon of hope for the maintenance of online democracy.

Tor’s Browser basics

Who Uses Tor and Why they Use it For ?

There are different kind of individuals using Tor, lets see some of them:

* Users that want to keep their privacy while surfing the web, this cause otherwise you Internet Service Provider (ISP), advertisers and general business are going to mine your data. This takes the most of the Tor User Base * Users that need or want to avoid cyber espionage or censorship. Those elements are often activists, reporters or journalists around the globe operating in regions with strict repressive regimes. * Military forces. Some military organizations such the US navy use Tor. * Criminals. Well yes many criminals use Tor in order to hide their identity while operating in public. This comes with a small percentage of the user base, exchanging information, selling services or run illegal marketplaces are just some of the activities performed by those users

How Tor Browse Anonymize my traffic defending my online privacy ?

* First, Tor browser works via the T.O.R. Network (The Onion Router). This means that your traffic is encrypted by default into multiple encryption layers (like an Onion) * Second, Tor Browser prevents the websites to reach your Real IP. This happens by redirecting your connection into multiple positions before reaching your final destination. * Third, Tor browser is made to reduce the trackers and cookies activities, this in order to prevent people to track your location beside your IP.

You will see that if you are browsing big site that support multiple language you might encounter in foreign language displayed, this cause your final IP will often appear to be in a physical location halfway around the world.

A more detailed explaination is that Tor applies encryption to the user’s data multiple times, than it sends those that through a circuit ofmultiple randomly selected relays inside the tor network. This makes the relay aware about where your data is coming from just by the last “hop” you did. So in short after the first relay your original IP isn’t available anywhere in this kind of communication.
At the end of this circuit the final relay “the exit node” will decrypt the last layer and send the data to the destination website.

Is Tor browser the only tool I need to be 100% safe and Anonymous ?

This answer is always a NO. 100% is something that in cyber security or in general security doesn’t exist. But at the same time the answer belongs to what are you doing and how much money the third party organization is going to invest in order to spot you.

In short if you are just a user not selling super illegal stuff most of the time Tor browser is more than enough. But if your activities on the Onion network lead to something more risky or simply you come from a country that restrict and monitor Tor users your first step is to use a VPN.

This seems to good to be free, is Tor browser expensive?

Absolutely NO! Tor is created and managed by The Tor Project and its a 100% free open-source project. But if you feel you can be a contributor and make a donation.

Now Lets jump into the Action and lets get started with Tor Browser

How to Install Tor?

Back in the old days you were suppose to configure a lot of things in order to access to the Tor Network but now it’s easy as installing a common browser.

Your First step is to download the software, ONLY from the official Tor Project website and follow the common software procedures.

How To use it ?

Using it is pretty straightforward. Just launch it using the shortcut “Start Tor Browser” and click into the configuration window “Connect”.
The Tor homepage will be open and you are ready to go.

Now Before you start check our guide “How to secure Tor Browser”

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