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How To Access The Dark Web? The Safest Deep Web Links 2021

By Dr.Dang April 10, 2022, 6:41 p.m.
How To Access The Dark Web? The Safest Deep Web Links 2021

Are you thinking about accessing the dark Web? It's simple. You just need to know the ins and outs of the darknet. You see, accessing the site safely is a tall order for many. However, landing on the dark side of the web is cheaper than you might think. In this article are specific guidelines to help newbies access the dark web easily. It comes in handy to help you with the in-depth knowledge of what you should do to stay and browse safely.

It's always advisable that you don't click any dark web link you come across on the internet without proper scrutiny. The dark web is a safe place, yes, just like the open web, but some little caution is necessary. Remember, not everybody who browses the web has good intentions. So here is a compilation of the ins and outs of the dark pages.

What is the Dark Web?

Everyone accesses the internet today to solve their queries or to find information. And, the content one gets when surfing is only 4% of the total information available. It implies that 96% somewhere have limited access. This is where the deep Web and dark web come in; the highest percentage of information is available on these sites. It means whatever you access is perceived shallow. It's readily available on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. The remaining bit of the vast junk of information is often submerged in the Dark Web and deep Web. Surprisingly, it is what makes up the highest percentage of internet information.
When surfing, you'll find it hard to get academic information and government resources; all these are located on the deep Web. On the other hand, the dark Web contains information about trade of drugs, cryptocurrency exchange rates and information of goods being sold on the black market. Some governments consider activities on the dark web as illegal because some people also trade illegal goods and services. So not all information on the dark Web and deep Web is illegal. The onion links, found on the Tor network for example, give legal information like chess-playing websites or radio websites. It's also important to note that the dark Web and deep Web have a lot of information with limited access. This is because of the rigid security required. Plus, failure to get proper security will see you losing your identity or getting the IP address tracked, which is hazardous to a user.

Ways Of Staying Anonymous On Dark Web

Before you think of accessing a link, you need to consider pointers to stay safe. This measure is not only for first-timers but also for the veterans. When accessing the dark web directories, here are the do's and don'ts to abide by in order to stay safe.

When surfing the dark Web, don't share your personal information with anyone. Everything private should stay at the privacy corner without leaking it.
It's a must to unplug all the external devices. Hard disk drives and pen drives should be unplugged and closed before opening site links on the dark Web.
Block your webcam and microphone when accessing dark websites always. It's even better if you use black tape to block if you want double protection.
Since you want to stay anonymous, invest in a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network). Install it into your computer and connect the VPN to the TOR browser before you begin surfing. Consider using PureVPN, which guarantees 256 Bit encryption and boosts IP address masking. This increases your anonymity when browsing.
Always use the TOR browser after restricting Javascript on your computer.

Understanding Clearnet

Clearnet is also referred to as surface web, and it's the accessible part of the internet. It has all websites crawled by search engine bots and indexed as per the categories of the website. Simply put, this is the part of the internet where everyone can access using different browsers and all the available search engines. It's not like the dark Web or the deep web since it doesn't require any anonymity. It means when you browse Clearnet; you aren't anonymous. Most Clearnet websites can quickly identify a user using the IP address alongside other data transferred by the client.

Background Information of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You must have heard of VPN and might be interested in knowing what it is. It doesn't matter where you got to hear about it, but we want to unravel every detail concerning a VPN.
The known Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN, is a method of connection. It's main purpose is to provide security to any person surfing the internet and doesn't want to reveal their identity. It also masks IP addresses by ensuring the connection stays private. Here are the reasons why you need a strong VPN:

To hide or change your IP address
To encrypt data transfers
Masking your current location
To access all the clogged websites

VPN is an important tool you need to possess if you want to browse the deep Web or dark Web. Infact, it's never safe to access the dark Web without a premium VPN. Remember, the dark web is a hub hosting information that needs protection to access. Purchasing a premium VPN will therefore ensure you have a complete security package for use till you exhaust it. Going by the different versions of VPN, choose the best one suiting your needs with features that offer maximum security. Consider a VPN like PureVPN that offers incredible services.

How To Use Tor To Access Dark Web

When you want to use TOR to access the dark Web, here are the steps to follow to safeguard your identity:
Ensure all external devices linked to your workstation are removed.
Mask your webcam using black tape and disable the webcam and the speakers too.
Buy a premium VPN to provide a complete security service package. This will shield you against risks that can be faced when accessing the Dark Web.
Proceed to download the TOR browser from their official website, then install it on your PC
Link your VPN to the downloadedTOR browser
Proceed to launch the Tor browser, which will automatically disable Javascript present on the TOR browser.

Other Precaution To Take When Browsing Dark Web

Besides the measures already listed, there are more preventive measures you need to take when surfing the darknet. They include:
Don't use your real identity like your real name or picture while accessing the dark Web.
Ensure you do not use an email and password that previously had been used on the dark Web. Consider registering yourself using an encrypted email that has zero possibilities of being tracked.
When making purchases on the dark market, ensure you transact using an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet.
Don’t install other browser plugins apart from the TOR browser because hackers might use tactics to know your location.
Ensure you never download or access anything using Torrent over TOR.
Always ensure you use HTTPS websites.
When downloading things like files from TOR, ensure you open them after you have disconnected the internet. Failure to which the files may reveal your IP address, among other vital information.

Ways Of Accessing Dark Web Or The Deep Web Using A Mobile Phone

Even though many think it's impossible, the dark Web or deep Web is accessible with both android and iOS phones. When you want to use an android phone, the procedure is simple—download three software, namely Orfox, Orbot, and a VPN. You will need to ensure the VPN is on or consider using Orbot, which also has features of a VPN. Then, proceed to launch the Orfox or Tor browser. From there, proceed to do searches as you would do on google. If you download files or anything, ensure you open it after you have completed your search and the internet is off. Ensure you exit the user browser – either Tor or Orfox browser and disconnect your VPN or Orbot.
For iPhone users, the dark Web is still accessible like in android and iOS phones. On either your iPad or iPhone, download a browser known as the Onion Browser software and have a premium VPN. After downloading all the software, proceed to launch and connect the VPN to start working. Proceed to open the browser – Onion browser, then click on the button connected to Tor. Ensure you set your security level as moderate before you start browsing. Once you have all these, you can browse the various links on the dark Web as much as you want. Upon completion of surfing the darknet, ensure you exit all the software and disconnect even the VPN.

How To Safely Access Dark Web Links Through Reddit

Like other forums, Reddit works like Dread. However, the only difference is that it's a preferred forum for discussions by many people having private deals. Most of the talks happening in dark web sites are usually performed on the Reddit platform. On Reddit, people  converge to review the multiple websites available on the dark Web and seek answers to their disturbing questions. So in this segment, we highlight the incredible dark web links and deep web links available on Reddit.

➳ r/Darkweb

This is a new subreddit having a restricted number of subscribers, with the users sharing impeccable knowledge. It has various threads that have diverse dark web links. The links ensure that when a user gets into the dark Web, you visit the most known darknet markets. Besides, it also provides a wide range of content that talks about safety while surfing the dark Web.

➳ r/Deepweb

This is a subreddit that plays a pivotal role in directing new entrants on where to surf the Dark Web. Equally important, it directs users who need in-depth information about specific topics. When you log into the dark Web, there's a link directory at the side where all the most visited sites links are enlisted. The only guarantee here is that all the links enlisted in this section are legitimate. This comes as an assurance because the links are tested from time to time by experienced users. This subreddit is ideal for utilization if you want to get informative articles and know about other user's experiences while surfing the dark Web.

➳ r/DeepWebPics

This subreddit is important when you want to browse. It helps in accessing the dark Web without necessarily moving to the deep Web. Besides, you aren't required to have Tor. What you do here is click on the subreddit. Consequently, you'll be able to browse all contents and other screenshots that users post in general. This way, a user will be accessing the dark Web without necessarily touching it.

➳ r/Onions

This subreddit can be classified as new, but the rate at which it's gaining popularity is alarming. It has grown popular on the onion network within the shortest time. Reason being, it offers tools for complete access to the Dark Web. When you click the link, you can get discussions on Tor browser, Tail OS and numerous onion links. Still, you can get security tips that can be used to access dark web onion links. Furthermore, it discusses the latest and available darknet vulnerabilities to help you stay safe.

➳ r/Tor

From the name Tor, this subreddit mainly majors on Tor-related links and talks more about the Tor browser. It enlightens users about the tips and tricks that TOR uses. This ensures that all subscribers stay anonymous and safe while surfing the dark Web. It also converses on the legitimate onion links that are popular on the darknet.
All the links given are deemed legitimate for use on the dark Web. However, before using the subreddit, ensure you double-check the link from other sources. Do this three or more times, to ascertain its legitimacy before using it.

Payment Methods Available On The Dark Web

Even though the dark Web is an intriguing place to some people, it harbors thriving e-commerce that is interesting. Since you can't trust anyone on the platform, all the e-commerce transactions are done with a lot of privacy. Payments are therefore done in anonymous trends for anything that a user wants. The fiat currency we use in our day-to-day transactions, has no form of protection, and all transactions are traceable. In the e-commerce hub however, everything is anonymous, and it's suitable for transactions.
For this anonymity reason, developers saw a need to create a currency that strives for privacy and cannot be traced. This birthed the various cryptocurrencies that are currently in use. Bitcoin (BTC) became the first one to be unveiled. Other currencies that followed include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTE), among others. All the cryptocurrencies are untraceable and have high-profile privacy. Thus, in all transactions on the dark Web, the means of payment is through safe cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies can also be referred to as crypto coins or digital currencies.
If Bitcoin was the digital currency of preference, you need to buy them to use when you want to transact on dark web eCommerce. I bet the next question is where to store the bitcoins. Well, after purchasing them, you can store bitcoins in hot or cold wallets. The hot wallets are the ones needing active internet when performing a transaction. The cold wallets however, can be used offline like hard drives, pen drives, or just physical paper.
When there's a need to buy bitcoin, there are various ways to do it. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges, meeting physically by an individual you want to transact with digitally, Bitcoin ATMs, PayPal, and many more. Besides, a user can also earn some bitcoin when they get to store them in their wallet. Remember, the wallets cannot disclose the identity. And, it helps to keep a user anonymous and also supports all the payments remain anonymous. This is a guarantee that you can pay using digital currency safely on the dark Web. But all the cleared transactions can be safely stored on a public blockchain where the public can view them.

Why you must be Keen while surfing the dark web

Now, some people take advantage of the secrecy on the dark web to undertake illegal activities. For this reason, many tend to think it's dangerous. In as much as this is not the case, there's need to take caution while surfing the dark web. Payment methods are anonymous, and a user stands a high chance of getting scammed. You can easily get linked to wrong entities, such as scammers working with enforcement agencies that may threaten your life.  For this reason, you should join the Dark Web if you take all precautionary measures into place and be knowledgeable. If not, the ordeal can be dangerous. We take this opportunity to present some of the mishaps happening on the dark Web due to carelessness. Always be Keen on the following while browsing through the dark web:


One of the worst nightmares that have a higher probability is getting hacked. Hackers thrive so much on the dark Web. If you have a system having crucial folders or files, hackers will have enough reasons to hack your PC. They can do whatever it takes to get the information at the expense of your willingness. It's not easy to differentiate between a hacker and a layman looking for information when surfing the Web. Besides, hackers can go the extra mile to blackmail you to get money or just to find anything they want. Thus, the first step is to get a trusted VPN that will mask everything from hackers. This way, you'll be able to access the Web with assured security and be confident to complete your activity without much hassle.

Your wallet funds could be drained.

The number one priority of hackers is to fleece money. And your payment wallet is their ideal location when surfing the dark Web. Besides, many people tend to link bank accounts with their play store, which is a loophole to hacking activities. Most bank accounts have full names, phone numbers, email, which are details that can be used to hack your account. Amateurs on the Dark Web don't know this and are often prey to illegal hacking activities. The hackers can get access to your credit cards, bank account, and other places to steal all the available money. They'll leave you bankrupt in no minute. Therefore, be watchful not to link your wallet to the play store when accessing the Dark Web. Besides, invest in a premium VPN that offers maximum security while surfing the Web.

You may be on the law enforcement agencies' radar.

Like said before, some people perform illegal activities on the dark web. Some of the most prominent crimes occur on this Web. For this reason, law enforcement agencies and the FBI are continually monitoring the Web while posing as ordinary people. This is not something that new users know, and the agents may use them as prey. This calls for everyone to be of sound mind when surfing the darknet or when engaging in discussions. Ensure you take precautions not to reveal your identity in the course of discussions whatsoever.

You can get involved in a nasty drug case.

Dark Web is a prominent place where the famous illegal drug dealing activities thrive. Though law enforcers occasionally shut down the vendor shops, there is still a massive spring out of shops and dark web markets operating in the darknet. Vendors from all walks of life sell all kinds of drugs to masses located worldwide. So, you may get implicated in a drug case because you frequently visit the dark Web. And worse of all, you may be an amateur in the arms of the FBI. Plus, any other law enforcers who are in search of people engaging in drug dealings may come for you.
There is this group of individuals who frequent the dark Web. And, others took a break for some time and have been engaging the Web for some good time. They never attract the attention of the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. Why does this happen? Reason being, these people know what they should do, how to conduct themselves, and ways of dealing with all situations. Besides, some people still are caught unaware and get implicated in drug cases. So ensure you take all precautionary measures to avoid the wrong incidences while surviving for some good time on the Web.

Reasons Why Dark Web And Deep Web Are Unindexed?

Dark web pages are not indexed like the other pages on typical search engines. There are a number of ways used to survive without indexing in conventional search engines. Here are some of them:

Web archives

Web archives services like the Wayback machine ensure users access the archived versions of most web pages for various periods. The web archive includes websites that are not accessible and permanently unindexed by search engines like Google and Bing.

Unlinked Content

Pages on Google are usually linked to necessitate the crawling process. This is something dark web masters by making its pages not linked to other pages. Further, this prevents Web crawling programs from happening to access the content. The content is referred to as pages without inlinks or backlinks. Besides, another reason could be search engines cannot identify all the inlinks that are searched through the web pages.


Some of the information restricted from public view is intentional. You’ll find the hidden content is accessible through special software such as Tor, 12P, or other available darknet software. For instance, Tor gives permission to its users to surf websites that have the  .onion server address entirely anonymous by masking the IP address.

Scripted Content

These pages are only accessible through links that are given by Javascript. Besides, the content should be downloaded in a dynamic manner using Flash solutions and Ajax from the Web.

Private Web

These sites require registration and logging in to access the content. Most of the sites are protected with passwords to bar some people.

Text / Non-HTML Content

These are texts or textual content that stays encoded in multimedia forms like video files or images or in other file formats to bar the search engine from handling them.

Content Having Limited Access

Numerous websites restrict access to their pages deliberately in technical ways: incorporating the no-store directive, which prohibits search engines from crawling the sites and making cached copies, using Captcha, or using robot exclusion standards.

Dynamic Content

Some of the dynamic pages return responses against a query submitted or can only be accessed through a form if the open-domain elements are used. Such fields are so tough to navigate if you do not have proper domain knowledge.

Contextual Web

These pages have varying content for numerous access contexts.

What Is Your Safety When Playing In The Dark Web

Even though the dark Web is an exotic marketplace to explore games and other things, a lot of you must be very careful. Like the other clear Web, you can browse freely through the dark Web, but you will encounter a number of strange things. However, some important information may come in an anonymous way for your rescue that isn't available on the clear Web. So, it's important to know how to get into the dark Web.
On the other hand, some illegal activities happening on the Web may negatively impact you. You may find yourself in the hands of law enforcers for crimes you don't know about. Besides, the FBI is on the radar of dark web usage to control activities happening in the marketplace. So, be wary of activities you engage in since some may land you into lengthy prison sentences.
If you want to know what happens in the dreaded marketplace, here are some activities that need you to learn more about that have daring consequences.

Distribution of drugs

Being that the dark Web is an anonymous marketplace, many people take advantage of this and engage in illegal activities like drug dealing. Some US-based couples have been in the limelight charged for selling drugs, masking themselves with the username MH4Life in numerous darknet markets. The couples took advantage of the site to sell the recreational drug – Fentanyl often abused by consumers at parties. Despite using digital currency, VPN, and proxies to distract attention, they were still arrested.

Gold, weapons, and cash

Dark markets have been used to sell gold, weapons, engage in money laundering, and other activities. The recent happening in California where a joint agency task force arrested over 35 people is a revelation of what happens in the dark market. The culprits were found to be in possession of 2,000 bitcoins, over 100 guns, and approximately $3.6 million in cash.

Kidnapping and sex trafficking

In an instance, a man coming from Poland was found to try selling a kidnapped model of British origin off to the dark web market. The arrest was made in Italy, and the model confirmed that the man was boasting of having made over $17 million through selling kidnapped women on the dark web marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions on the dark Web include:

Is visiting dark web websites illegal?

From the question, a lot of misconception has been going on about dark web accessibility. Most people tend to think that all the sites listed in the directory are illegal. Even though some people use the dark web for illegal activities, dark markets have a lot of legit activities taking place there.
Some websites are on the dark Web simply because they want anonymity and security of their services. These may include news portals, email services, online libraries, and other needed things. The truth of the matter is you should be of sound judgment when accessing the dark Web. Also, do the needful activity that keeps you away from trouble.

2.  What are the safe ways to visit the dark website?

When you want to visit the dark Web, the only browser assuring safety is the TOR browser. It  has built-in security and active privacy features. Besides, the Tor browser gives encryption at each node interval, surpassing all traffic that is three in number in most cases. This happens because moving traffic through unalike servers provides a high degree of privacy.
Besides, you need to have more protection to be safer. Employ the use of a premium VPN of your choice to ensure you get additional protection.

3.      Where do I find dark websites to surf?

The Clearnet is easy to navigate for everyone looking for some information. Unlike the ease on the surface web, it's tricky to find deep web websites because they are not easy to navigate. This owes to the complex and irrelevant web links present on the site, like the onion directory. The good news is that some indexed websites are present on the site that lists websites or dark web links and goes ahead to categorize them. Some of them include Daniel and Hidden Wiki, which you can use as a start.

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