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How can I find a reliable hacker ? An open question

By Alex Nimoy June 16, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

How can I find a reliable hacker ? An open question. That is quite common in the surface web but also in deep web forums, Lets debunk a myth in this article.

Some might say it would sound more like an oxymoron such as Chinese democracy etc.  Indeed, if black hat hackers are known to break the rules or the law, why would they be reliable or trustworthy if they promise you a service in exchange of money?  They can take your money and disappear, and actually, many do that.

Then it also comes to what your general perception is.  Banks have been stealing from us since ages ago, so to me someone who robs a bank is more like a hero.  On the other hand, robbing another person who has done you no harm, that is another question.

What kind of real services can you buy ?

Those that advertise in classifieds, saying they will crack any email or whatsapp number you can rule out because they are simply scammers.  Some will make it look like they really know stuff (yeah they can read forums too) and be very good at getting your cash.

On the surface web, the security experts that can really do stuff most probably won't take your job if it is a bit, errrr, not to say illegal, but on the edge for the least.  So if someone did you wrong or stole from you, and you want your money back with whatever interest might come, you'd better look somewhere in the dark web.

Or you have that intel about something potentially rewarding in the grey zone but you need to find a person with the technical skills that- combined with your knowledge- can get you where you want to go.  You put a couple posts in Dread or other forums and exchange a few messages with a couple guys that seem to know their stuff.

How to buy in a safe way ?

You still can't give critical intel because they may as well take it and do things on their own.  Where do you go from here ?  You can't give away your identity, because anyone then could contact your target and sell you away.  You won't know the hackers' identity either, because… that's rule number 1 dude!  So how can you proceed ?

You can use escrow of course, but that would be for particular jobs that involve finding intel, but not targeted money.  Because let's say you hire someone for a certain amount of money, but the money found when the job is done is a way bigger amount?  Wouldn't your hacker prefer to keep that cash instead of what's in escrow ?  And then you're back to square 1.

Are all hackers criminals ? On what ground ?

So are all hackers scammers and criminals ?  Surely NOT!

Many of them actually do what they do because they have an ideal, and a way of seeing things and society, that is against what we call 'the system'.  In a world where money is just printed by those who rule, in order to keep the other ones poor and dependent, what's wrong about playing the hacker named Robin Hood from time to time?

How to sort the wheat from the chaff ?

Like in every profession or market, there are those who will take advantage of you, and those who will listen, understand and genuinely work for/with you, provided that the job you offer is interesting both ideally and financially.  But how can someone with no experience in the deep web or in black hat hacking find the real deal ?
Now you have a better idea on "How can I find a reliable hacker?"

Here goes the question in the open.  Any professionals willing to give their 2 satoshis ?

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