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Cryptocurrency Deal Almost Turns Fatal

By Dr.Dang April 30, 2022, 6:03 p.m.
Cryptocurrency Deal Almost Turns Fatal

A Colorado woman is regretting her actions after a cryptocurrency deal she voluntarily participated in turned sour. The deal almost led to the death of her family.

Cryptocurrency Deal Almost Turns Fatal

The lady, identified as Jessica Otero-Garcia, says the incident has left her family really traumatized. This all began when a stranger showed up at her place with two guns ready to do the unthinkable. This made the lady leave her house, even though her loved ones still stay there.

"He could have hurt my aunt, he could have hurt my cousin. He could have shot one of them," she said.

She was surfing the internet when she came across a Facebook post about helping out teen moms by giving them money. The post was from a stranger who was masquerading as her old friend from school.

"She's like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm here. I'm giving away money to teen moms to help them out,'" Otero-Garcia reported.

Otero-Garcia was skeptical about the whole arrangement, but being a young mom herself, she related to the teen moms in need and decided to help them out anyway.

She said, "They're like, you know, the best way to do this is through bitcoin through a cash app."

She went ahead and made a deposit of $150 through the advised bitcoin cash app, only to realize she'd been scammed.

"So I'm like, okay, I just got scammed for $150," said Otero-Garcia. "I was like, that's fine, whatever.”

She thought the scammer would take the money and leave her alone, but this was just the beginning of an unforgettable ordeal.

She was then asked to provide her personal information to validate her ownership of the account. The message requesting for her information looked like it was sent by Facebook.

Willingly sent her details

She dutifully sent her email, her phone number, and her driver's license. That's when she was suddenly locked out of her account. She didn't understand the full extent of the situation until the next day.

"Then, the next day, I started getting messages from my family like, 'Hey, why are you posting this?' and I was like, 'What are you guys talking about?' like, 'No, you're posting that you're giving away money,'" she said.

She then realized the scammer had impersonated her, and he was using her information to manipulate other people into sending him money, as well.

Things spiralled out of control when an intruder showed up at her family's house. Otero-Garcia notified the police, who confirmed to her that the armed intruder was colluding with the Facebook scammer, and he'd come to collect the money.

"They're traumatized. My family is traumatized, and we don't know how we're gonna get through this," Otero-Garcia said.

Shortly afterwards, the police arrested a 20-year-old suspect called Omar Vargas for his connection with the incident. His charges are felony menacing with a weapon.

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