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Best Anonymous Cryptocurrencies exchanges without Registration

By Alex Nimoy July 14, 2021, 4:09 p.m.

The main focus of this article is to review and introduce multiple available website that will let you exchange coins without registration or KYC measures. The Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges are real and available they just need to be found.
The most famous easy to go exchange is for sure Uniswap, those Anonymous Cryptocurrencies exchanges are are like Uniswap, easy to use and simple user interface and you don’t need to sign up for an account in order to use them.
The main requirements are a deposit address in order to receive your coins and sometime a e-mail address. But most of them will let you use the service without personal documents.

Beside the time saving procedures Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges have numerous benefits compared to their traditional alter egos:

Trust less in terms of information and documents stored, since they don’t have them.
No heavy loss of balance funds since all transaction can be instant and without the chance of an exit scam.
No time loss in deposits and withdrawals since transaction are handled directly “on fly”.
Direct exchange to a coin to another.

Anonymous Cryptocurrencies exchanges are more oriented on Coin swaps services than trading features. The problem of those exchanges is the trust, since most of them rely on anonymity the only thing they can do is avoid any wrong step in order to maintain a well shaped community support and trust from the returning customers for a long term run.

Now Lets see our list of Top Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges

#1. Changelly

Over 140 Cryptocurrencies and tokes swapped for one another is few minutes, Changelly is one of the oldest flexible Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges available around. With a concrete solid reputation maintained for over 6 years of a user centrist business that never left customers hanging.
For those planning to do trade there is Changelly PRO, a subscription based service via mobile APP.

Changelly offer many sign up options, the recommended one is the email registration avoiding the social media ones. Always remember to avoid using your first primary mail account associated with all your real-life activities.

On Changelly you can also buy and sell Cryptocurrencies, this happens trough third party payment processors via credit card, bank transfer or Apple Pay.
Check out Changelly Website here

#2. SideShift.ai

A new contender in the Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges market is Sideshift.
Sideshift advertises their service as the “ “no sign-up crypto exchange”.  Sideshift as all the major coins available for swap and the no registration system is a great way to maintain the privacy guard up.
If you plan to reuse your account multiple times you need to copy and store the “account secret”. The “account secret” is a long series of alphanumerical characters that will let you restore your account across multiple devices.


According to the Sideshift term of services the services isn’t intended for the following countries: U.S., Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and a handful of other countries. We still recommend the use of a VPN but compared to Changelly SideShift
Check SideShift.ai Website here

#3. Xchange.me

Modern design an trusty color palette, over 200 Cryptocurrencies are supported in Xchange.me,  features  are close to Changelly and Sideshift but at the same time claims to have the lowest rates in the market. The nice thing is the offering of a flat fee of 1.5% for BTC and XMR (monero) swaps and a 2% for all other currencies.

No mentions are made in the terms of service regarding country based restrictions. They only mention that the user takes as own responsibility to comply with the local laws before and when using their service. Plus the chance to use it via a onion official domain reachable here

No registration is needed so everything is smooth and charming. The only drawback coming out from Xchange.me is that between the Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges is kind of slow. Every transaction requires from 30 minutes to approximately 2 hours. But this might even result in huge saving, considering that you might exchange in order to avoid losing due too high volatility of the cryptocurrencies.
Check out Xchange.me Website here

#4. MorphToken

Operating since 2017, Morphtoken with a quite mood as been among the most dependable crypto swapping services around, lowest fee available around can be found on their platform, swapping between BTC and ETH for as low as approximately 1%. Overall fees still smaller than more popular crypto swap services like Changelly, this makes MorphToken a decent competitor if you are trading among the 6 coins supported by them.

The available tokens include BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH and XMR. Something definitely different from others is that MorphToken post on their homepage exchange rate, The rates are constantly updated so you will get a good idea before you procede with the swap.

The Cons of MorphToken are consistent, only 30 swap combinations and no place for U.S. customers, no fiat support and there aren’t enough information about the company itself. The community finds them highly competent regarding the offered service. For B2B actions we find an extensive API tools and utilities that will let you integrate their service almost everywhere with ease.

#5. Godex

Might be the best among the Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges, in terms of privacy respect. An extensive selection of coins and dedicated to protecting privacy since 2017.
There are no previous activities from Godex in terms of personal information requests to it’s users, you just need an email address and you are good to go for them.

Considered as the most reliable and efficient swapping service. After 4 years still being under the radar for the most of the crypto community. Godex drive the user into a quick and limitless transaction experience. Fixed rates are offered completed in a time span of 5 to 30 minutes.

Godex difference from others in terms of transparency and a crystal clear privacy policy. You can find what they will or won’t ever request to their customers along with a detailed list of steps in order to ensure customers anonymity. Those elements are rare and are a true sign of a honest operation.

Beside the awesome privacy policy and anonymity in mind the fixed rate is probably the best feature in Godex. They offer a fixed rate from A to Z making the customer able to get the exact amount of coin displayed in the trade preview.

Supporting over  200 coins with the popular ones BNB, XRP, XMR, ZEC, USDT, TRX and ZRX.
The fee is a little bit high compared to the competitors but looks worth if you think that your privacy will be untouched.

Check out Godex Website


There are many options available for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies Exchanges. Rates and policies are the differences and of course the trust in the company behind them. We encourage the use of caution and the swap of multiple low amounts in order to avoid any possible loss.

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