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How to Use Tor on macOS

By J.Austine

The fear of missing out (FOMO) and the inherent desire to access knowledge has led billions of people to scour the internet with very few aware of the risks that lay therein. Every moment you access the internet, legitimate or illegitimate entities can easily access your data. While this can be slated as a growing trend, it has however grown at an astronomical rate, with over 4 billion exposed within the first half a year of 2019. And as much as several platforms give the victim a reprieve by following up and filing litigations, more and more people are affected.  So n this article, we will expound on how to use Tor on MarCos.

The Identity Theft Resource Center and the information insurance institute show a bleak picture of the rise and the financial implications curtailed in data theft. How do you ensure you protect your data and do not fall victim to any data breach?

Internet Protection

Employing specific tools, you’ll be able to maintain anonymity as you browse the internet. Though data breach isn’t only in effect through the internet, this is the most common medium used as ransomware and phishing are the two most prevalent methods used by attackers.

Besides giving you the security features you need in terms of tracking, anonymity also aids you in circumventing site restrictions by masking your IP address. You can use several tools to hide your IP, like using a proxy server or VPN, but we’ll focus solely on using Tor.


An acronym for The Onion Router enables anonymous communication by overlaying internet traffic through worldwide servers. This is made possible through volunteering of overlay networks that add up to over 6,000 network relays.

Using the Tor browser, your traffic is unmonitored from the Tor browser and external data breaches. The Tor browser works the same way as other browsers, but it also ensures that your internet communication is masked.

How To Use Tor on macOS

The Tor browser is curated to work on several devices depending on the operating system; Android, Apple, Windows and an App. To download the browser from the legitimate site, use the link https://www.torproject.org/download/.

Select the apple icon to proceed with your download request for a macOS.
How To Use Tor on macOS
Once you’ve pressed the apple icon, ensure that before you proceed to download that it’s indicated Tor Browser for Mac.
How To Use Tor on macOS
You’ll be presented with a pop-up message that will require you to either open or save file; the best alternative is to check the save file option and then press the okay button.

Once the download is complete, open the file — the file is your designated download files folder. This will lead you to the next step, where you’d be required to install the browser.
How To Use Tor on macOS
Now, drag your Tor browser into your application icon, and you’re done. Your Tor browser is now installed.

After that, you’re ready to use your Tor browser. Head over to your launchpad to access your application folder and your set.
How To Use Tor on macOS
You can opt to move it to your launcher for easy access.
How To Use Tor on macOS
When you open your Tor browser, a pop message that allows you to configure your setting will appear.
How To Use Tor on macOS
You can either click ‘connect’ to proceed to the Tor network or you can configure your browser according to your specifications. Note that your browser will work seamlessly without having to burden yourself with configurations.

In less than 10 secs you’ll anonymously connect to the internet unperturbed.
How To Use Tor on macOS


There are a few tweaks and tips to help you navigate your Tor browser that are readily available. Navigate to the top left corner of your browser and review available tutorials.
How To Use Tor on macOS

Following the above steps will ensure your data is safe and secure. Hopefully, you will not be a victim of identity theft or any fraudulent activity concerning your online security.

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