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How to Use Tor for Windows

By J.Austine
How to Use Tor for Windows

Would you like to know how to use Tor for windows? Now, you may have concerns about your traceability. Yet, you can choose to operate in total anonymity by choosing the Tor Browser. To use the browser, you first need to download and install it. Moreover, the Tor browser allows you to use Tor on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS without installing any software.

How to Use Tor for Windows

How does Tor Work?

So, Tor technology functions by “bouncing” your communications around a distributed network of relays. The relays get controlled by volunteers worldwide. The Tor browser does the following for you:
The browser prevents people watching your internet connection from knowing the sites you visit.
It prevents the sites you visit from knowing your physical location.
It lets you visit blocked internet sites.
To install and use Tor for Windows, you need a computer running on Windows and an internet connection.
Tor service works by providing both privacy and anonymity online. Also, it masks who you are and where you are connecting. In addition, the service protects you from the Tor network itself. For instance, you get assured of remaining anonymous to other Tor users.
The Tor Browser functions as a regular web browser. Basically, web browsers are programs you use to access websites. Examples of websites include; Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Different from other web browsers, the Tor Browser sends your communications through Tor. This makes it harder for people to track the sites to know where you are connecting from.
Note that having a Tor browser installed on your computer does not mean your online activity is anonymous. Thus, only activities you do inside the Tor browser will get anonymized.

How to Get Tor for Windows

First, open a browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox and download The Official Tor Project. Make sure you use the correct URL if you are using a search engine to find the Tor browser.
How to Use Tor for Windows
Click the Windows download build icon. Other browsers will want you to confirm whether you want to download this file. For example, Microsoft Edge shows a bar at the bottom o the browser window. For other browsers, it is better to save the file before proceeding. So then, select the save button.
Please remember to use the current version that Tor Project provides

Installing the Tor Browser

How to Use Tor for Windows
After the download is complete, two things might happen. First, you might get an option to run the program. Second, you could get a chance to open the folder where the file got downloaded. Besides, the Downloads folder is the default location.
As a result, you can either click “Run” or double-click on the file in the Downloads folder. A window will open with a warning about the origin of the software after double-clicking on the Tor Browser installer. Ensure you always take these warnings seriously. Hence ensure you trust the software you want to install.
Also, make sure the copy you have is authentic and is from the official site over a secure connection. Since you know what you want and know that the download was safe, click Run.
After that, a small window will open asking what language to use for the Tor Browser. There are several options available. Following that, select the language you prefer and click the OK button. Next, you will find a new window that will inform you where the Tor browser will get installed.
How to Use Tor for Windows
Your desktop is the default location. If you want, you can change the location, but for now, maintain the default.

You will know that the installation process is complete when you spot a window saying that the process is complete. The Tor browser will start immediately if you click the Finish button. Also, “Start Tor Browser” shortcuts get added to the Start Menu and Desktop.
How to Use Tor for Windows

Using Tor for Windows

You’ll get a window that allows you to manipulate some settings if necessary. That happens the first time the Tor browser starts. Later, you might get forced to come back and change some configuration settings. Even so, carry on and try to connect to the Tor network by clicking the Connect button.
After that, a new window will open with a green bar. The green bar shows the Tor browser connecting to the Tor network. The browser might take some time to start up for the first time. However, you have to be patient for a minute or two to allow the Tor browser to open and congratulate you.
How to Use Tor for Windows
A “Welcome” screen will greet you.
How to Use Tor for Windows


To review a tutorial on how Tor works, iclick on the globe in the top left corner.
How to Use Tor for Windows
How to Use Tor for Windows

How to Use Tor for WindowsFor instance, the tutorial states how Tor circuits work. Moreover, how they allow you to browse anonymously online.
Some features of a regular web browser can make you vulnerable to cyberattacks. Above all, other features have had bugs in them that in turn revealed users’ identities. To disable these features, turn the security slider to a high setting. Thus, you will be safer from well-funded adversaries who can interfere with your internet connection.
On the contrary, turning the features off will make some websites unusable.  For everyday privacy protection, use the low default setting.  But if worried about sophisticated attackers, you can set it to high.
Browsing with Tor is somewhat different from the regular browsing experience. You can research more on Tor for a better browsing experience. Lastly, you are now ready to use Tor for windows.
There are three reasons why you would opt to use Tor alongside a VPN. These are:
VPN masks the use of Toe
In case the entry node gets compromised, VPN hides your IP.
VPN blocks many ads that the Tor Project doesn’t recommend.

Tor and the Dark Web

Navigating the dark web is not easy. The place is messy and chaotic, and many are out to scam others.
How to Use Tor for Windows
Accessing the darknet requires the use of the Tor browser. Tor works like magic, but the services are unreliable, very slow, and unpredictable. Still, for those willing to endure the inconvenience, the dark web provides a memorable glimpse.
Dark markets in the darknet are a hotbed of criminal activity like trading contraband such as drugs and weapons. Most transactions in the dark web are in the form of cryptocurrency. The mode of the transaction allows parties to conduct a trusted transaction without knowing each other.
Also, activists, journalists, and other genuine people use the Tor Browser.

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