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How To Use Signal On iOS

By J.Austine
How To Use Signal On iOS

Ever wondered how to use Signal on iOS? Now, lately, Signal is the topic of town matters end-to-end encryption. Many are in a rush to try it out to see why it is the latest alternative messaging app. But why is Signal increasingly getting popular?

How To Use Signal On iOS

The Signal is an encrypted communication app that allows you to send messages, images, and videos. It's a great way to make sure your messages stay private. It is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Besides, you can also use it on your desktop computer!
The messaging app is designed for all of your communications, including texting, voice calling, and video chats. Signal uses only your phone number and a single password to create a unique key. It is this key that encrypts every message you send or receive when setting up. This means no one can intercept the content of your messages.
This means that nobody can see your messages except for the person you're sending them to. Plus, nobody in between can see them either. Even if someone intercepts your message, it's unreadable without knowing your encryption key. This only you and the recipient know. Signal users have been communicating safely for years because of this security measure.
The Signal is a free, open-source messaging app that doesn't store messages on its servers. Also, it doesn't mine user data like many other applications do. It's also one of the safest communication tools available today and can be used to make secure calls.
Apple's new Signal app for iOS is one of the most secure messaging apps available on the market. Signal offers private, encrypted conversations by default. This ensures that messages are protected from hackers and governments alike. It also means that your messages will not show up in a server log or database.
In order to use Signal, you first need to download it on your iOS device from the App Store.

How to Set Up Signal on iOS

Setting up Signal is procedural; you need to:
Press the App Store icon and select Search. Then proceed to type Signal, then click GET to begin downloading it.
Then after the download is complete, open the app and continue.
How To Use Signal On iOS

Enable all relevant permissions such as contacts, notifications, and many more.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Insert your phone number, then click next
How To Use Signal On iOS
Get a one-time code and enter it on the screen pop-up
How To Use Signal On iOS
Fill in your details like name and profile picture, then tap Save
How To Use Signal On iOS
Ensure you carefully read the subsequent text that will appear on the screen. Upon understanding, insert your pin, then press next. Ensure you reconfirm all details.
How To Use Signal On iOS
After reconfirming, you will be done. That way, you will have successfully signed up for Signal and can start using it immediately.

How to Send an Encrypted Message on iOS Using Signal?

Begin by launching the Signal app, then click the pencil icon located at the top right.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Select the preferred contact
How To Use Signal On iOS
Type your message, then send it.
When using the Signal app, this is the meaning of the chat ticks you are going to receive:
A single tick shows that a message has been sent from your end.
A double tick indicates that the recipient has received the message.
Shaded double one is an indication that your recipient has read the message.

Starting an Encrypted Group Chat On iOS Using Signal

Like the WhatsApp messaging app, you can also begin encrypted group chats on Signal. Begin by:
Opening the app and tapping the pencil icon located at the top right.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Click on the button New Group.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Select contacts to make the group and click next.
Enter the group name, upload the desired picture then tap on the create button.
The people you've selected will get an invitation notification to join the group. When they accept, you will be able to talk in a group, like just sending direct messages.
If you want to alter some settings, go to the group settings and tap group name. You can proceed to change the sound, profile picture, mute, and many more.
If you want to mute conversations on the Signal app, consider doing the following:
Open the conversation on the Signal app; it can be group chat or one-on-one.
Tap the name at the top
Then click mute
Then choose the desired preference – mute for an hour, a day, a week, or a year.

Setting  Disappearing Messages on Signal App?

Open a chat on Signal, then tap on the group conversation or person from the top.
Switch to the Disappearing Messages.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Drag your slider to select the desired time frame, like 5 seconds to maybe one week.
How To Use Signal On iOS
Go to chats, then send your message.
How To Use Signal On iOS
After sending the message(s), it will disappear or auto-delete after the set time frame.
How to Migrate WhatsApp Groups to Signal App?
To migrate your groups from WhatsApp, follow this procedure:
Open the Signal group conversation on your iOS, then tap on the group name.
Enable the Group Link.
Click on the Share → Copy Link.
Then open your WhatsApp on the same phone and choose the preferred group. Paste the link you copied to the chat.
That way, the group members will effortlessly tap the link and join the Signal group.
Remember, it's only possible to request your people or group members to join Signal. There is no option of transferring the old WhatsApp chats to the new Signal group.
If you don't want random people to join the group, ensure you enable the setting Approve New Members. This way, you will give access to the people that you want to join the group.

Initiating Encrypted Signal Calls on Your iOS Phone

Open a conversation on your Signal app.
Tap the phone icon at the top right.
Select OK to have access to the microphone when asked.
Video Calling in Signal
It's easy to video call on Signal. You will be required to open conversation. Just tap the camcorder icon, then press OK to give the camera access, and there you're set for a video call.
Note: It's impossible to have audio calls on Signal, but you can do group video calls. Or the group setting, select the camcorder icon beside the group name, then tap Start Call.

What To Do When Encountering Challenges Using Signal

Signal service is reliable. However, you may encounter a challenge when trying to use your account or signing in. If the OTP verification code is delayed, give it some time to try again since there is a massive migration wave to Signal.
If the Signal server status isn't responding, the only option is to give it time till everything gets fixed. Still, if you aren't able to sign in or use the app, you can force quit the app and try again. Or, restart your iPhone, which may help in fixing the network issues.

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