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How To Use Signal On Android

By J.Austine
How To Use Signal On Android

Ever wondered how to use Signal on Android? Well, Signal is an excellent end-to-end encryption messaging app offering a wide range of security features. Whether you want to secure sensitive chats from the government or looking for an alternative encryption app, Signal remains. It's reliable in security for all people globally.

How To Use Signal On Android

Though Signal is not the only encryption messaging app, it stands out in features compared to Telegram and iMessage. Its source code has been available for testing by cryptographers to know its flaws and potential loopholes. So below is how to use signal  Android.
From the result, Signal still ranks as the best encryption app.
In any case, if you have problems with your privacy, trying out Signal can be the best move ever. Besides, it's not as difficult to use as the other apps. Consider testing the app using this guide to see if it's a perfect match for your user privacy concern.

The Easy Setup

Setting up Signal is easy for both iOS and Android platforms. The app is downloaded from the devices Apps Store, and Play Store then set up for use. If you have a desktop, you can also use it on Windows using the Signal desktop app.
One requirement that you should comply with is to have a phone number to register. For US residents and other countries supporting Google Voice, consider using the Google Voice number during registration. Ensure you put in a four-digit pin to complete your setup.
Besides, Signal needs permission to access all your contact lists. Though the good news is that all the data is stored in the local storage instead of the secure cloud. The app also regularly sends notifications on the number of your contacts who join Signal. However, data is not collected for this purpose. Consider disabling the notification by clicking Settings > Notifications > toggle off Contact Joined Signal.


While everyone has different tastes and preferences, Signal offers a plethora of customization options to modify it's look. Go to Profile and select Appearance. Consider choosing the light or dark theme, then select your default language to operate the app interface.

Default Messaging App

You can also set Signal as your android phone’s default messaging app. It's simple to do this, click the Signal profile, then tap the SSM and MMS icon and select SMS Disabled. Tap the Yes button to change to Signal as the default messaging app. It's only possible for android to alter the default settings. iOS users find it tricky since the iPhone doesn't accept any changes.
The new PINs feature makes it easy to move your account from one gadget to the next. Some people tend to think this can be a security flaw. If you doubt it too, disable your PINs. It's simple, just by following this process; click Profile > Advanced > Advanced Pin Settings > Disable PIN.
However, know that if you disable it, all your data will be lost when you re-register Signal. Not unless you had a manual backup to restore. So, before taking any action, know the repercussions to make a sound decision.

Choose What You To See

Like other messenger apps, Signals has notifications showing names and content. But if using Signal, you can choose what shows on your screen. Remember that this app is an option because of its privacy features, so having notifications revealing all information isn't good. Set what pops up on your screen by tapping the Profile then notifications. Proceed to the Show button and select No name or message and hide every information. If you choose Name Only, the app will show a sender's Name and hide the message.
Select mute for all your calls, messages, and events if you don't want notifications with sounds. Besides, you can mute specific users or conversations to have your peace. Consider also controlling people to access your content using the Screen lock option.  Tap on Profile > Privacy, and lastly on Screen Lock to lock your account from other users.

Encrypt All Calls Made

Making encrypted calls is now accessible on Signal. The calls are covered by end-to-end encryption, making them safe. Consider tapping on the Pencil, select your preferred contact then proceed to the call icon to reach your recipient. However, if you want to exercise extra caution, turn on the Always relay calls. This is done by selecting the Profile > Privacy > Communications that hides your IP address from the person you’re calling.

How to Delete Messages Automatically

Like other messaging apps, Signal allows you to delete messages. The recent version makes it even better. It gives access to long-pressing a message you want to discard, and there, it's deleted. Besides, you can also set a period that messages disappear from your device.
You may also want to set a Disappearing message. Well, select contact, tap the three dots up on the right corner, and click disappearing message. Then give the duration and tap ok, and there you are all set. If you feel like altering, you can also reverse the setting and have the messages stay longer. Tap on Profile, then storage and tap Keep Messages and choose the duration you want.

Additional Features

Other features of Signal that are useful in everyday use are:
It can manage shared media
The app can also be used to share photos, videos, and other files like other apps. You can take a photo from your camera to share. Simply, select from the gallery or attach a file and send it to your contact.
It backs up and restores files.
In case you lose a device, you can restore all your chats, documents, media, and others on the new device. However, you must access the old account, phone number, and backup file to restore the information.
You can also delete the account if you no longer want to use it.
The app also allows users to block others on the platform if they creep with irrelevant conversations.
Signal offers screen security where it’s possible to disable other people from having screenshots when the app is operational.
The app also hides notifications of the read receipts if you don’t want your contacts to know if their messages are accessed.

In conclusion

Using Signal on an Android phone is not something difficult. This guide gives the necessary details on how to maneuver the settings. You can choose what works best for you to enjoy the incredible experience many are into in recent days. Explore the new privacy settings that continue to make Signal a secure tool!

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