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How to use PGP for Windows?

By J.Austine
How to use PGP for Windows?

Pretty Good Privacy, abbreviated as PGP, is an encryption program providing authentication and cryptographic privacy for preferred data communication. PGP is short for purposes like encrypting, signing, and decrypting text messages, files, emails and to increase email communications security. This article therefore contains more information on how to use PGP for Windows.

How to use PGP for Windows?

Basically, PGP bars other people from reading your email except for the intended recipient. To some extent, it's good news. But why? Because it can protect your email from being accessed by someone else in case your computer is broken into.
Besides, it is useful when you want to ascertain that a given email came from a specific person. Remember, another sender could just fake that it originated from them. This can be important especially if you’re a target for misinformation or under surveillance.
If you want PGP for darknet, it will do the following:
Encrypt your messages by encrypting sensitive information, i.e., the shipping address and other vital information, to ensure only the vendor can access it.
Decrypt messages in a case where your vendor encrypts shipping information like tracking codes which are sensitive. In some instances, decrypting messages require you to login into the market.
Having the benefits of PGP at hand, all you need to know is how to use it. We understand that your email security remains a top priority not to fall into the hands of law enforcers. And, the process of using a PGB isn’t that difficult.
First, you will have to install other extra software to work alongside the current email program. In addition, you will have to create a private key to boost your privacy. The private key will decrypt all email messages sent over to you. Plus, they'll sign in to emails digitally to indicate that messages you send are coming from you. Again, you will have to know the public key distribution process. You will learn how to guide others about important information. Mainly to grasp before sending an encrypted email to you and also to verify the emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I send a message without PGP?

If you happen to send a message with sensitive data like your address without PGP encryption, it’s best to delete it immediately. Begin by deleting the market account you used and begin a new one. And, this is not all. Remember the Silk Road servers' seizure? During the incident, quite a number of the messages therein weren't PGP encrypted and even had addresses in plaintext. The FBI later offered those data to different law enforcers globally who busted buyers who sent the unencrypted addresses.
This scenario is just one, and there are a number of them out there. So, if you still want to order using your account without encryption, just know you're digging your own grave. Consequently, it may sink in the future.
Make a decision by creating a new market account that will always be PGP encrypted by yourself to your address.

Is it possible to use the market built in encryption ?

No, it's not a good idea. Servers always process messages in plain text. And in case an attacker compromises the market, they will be able to access your content. It's safer if you encrypted sensitive information on your own.

Is it necessary to encrypt all my messages?

You are only needed to encrypt the messages with sensitive information. These may include packaging details that you should discuss prior with your vendor or the address. Acknowledging receipt basically doesn't require encryption. So, don't encrypt the "Thanks!" messages.

What is the process of decrypting a sent PGP message?

Sorry, this isn’t possible. It’s only the person whose key was used when encrypting the message is able to decrypt it. However, it can be possible in some instances. When you choose the public keys of the person you want to send a message to and your public key. In this case, you will be in a position to decrypt the message.

How to Use PGP for Windows?

Create a PGP key pair

Begin by entering the PGP tool, then proceed to fill up your information on the main page. It is important not to use your real name or email. You aren't required with a working email to create a PGP key.
Please ensure you notice the mentioned parameters for key size, algorithm, expiration duration, and the passphrase. It should be a minimum of five letters?
After you finish filling in the info, click the generate keys button. This may however take some minutes for the key creation to happen.
After finishing, you will receive the keys in 2 parts. First, the public key for sharing with other users, second the private key, which shouldn't be shared at all. All you need is to keep the keys safe at all times.
After saving the keys, consider uploading the public key to the deep web market at will.

How to Encrypt Your Address Through PGP?

The main role of PGP is to encrypt an address to send to your vendor for the purchase of drugs on the dark market. Proceed by going to the Encrypt (+Sign) button available on the PGP tool.
Go to the Receiver's Public Key section and paste the vendor's details and encrypt the message. Proceed to write your message on the Plain Text area. This is usually the designated address, then press Encrypt PGP message to encrypt it.
From there, you can copy your encrypted message at the Encrypted PGP message. After that,  click send to dispatch it to your vendor.

Decrypting Messages Using PGP

Decrypting messages that are encrypted is simple with the PGP tool. Here you are required to go to the Decrypt (+Verify) tab.
Go ahead and paste the private key issued to you to the Receiver's Private Key tab mainly for decryption purposes. Proceed to paste the encrypted message to the Encrypted PGP message button. This helps to decrypt by pressing the Decrypt Message in the Plain Text tab and instantly, your message would have been decrypted.
In simple terms
Using PGP for windows is simple and takes the shortest time, like 10 minutes. You will be able to encrypt a message and decrypt it using PGPTool. Consider using PGP to stay safe always. Especially with the available markets like WhiteHouse Market, which requires it as a mandatory usage.

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