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How to Use KeePassXC

By J.Austine
How to Use KeePassXC

Passwords are usually the only barrier between your online accounts and dark web hackers. Even so, passwords can be hard to recall and annoying at times. So, you probably use the same password for all your accounts, and hackers are also aware of that. To be able to maintain unique and robust passwords, you need password managers. Here's how to use KeePassXC to manage unique and strong passwords for your accounts

How to Use KeePassXC

Password managers do away with the need to use a single password for all your accounts. With such tools, you can set strong and unique passwords for each of your accounts. The password managers use a master password to access your secure password vault. You can fill out all login details on all devices from the vault. KeePassXC is among the best password manager recommended by cybersecurity specialists.

What is KeePassXC?

KeePassXC is an open-source and free application used to manage passwords. It is part of the KeePass software initially built for windows. Practically, KeePass isn't really a single app. It is an ecosystem of compatible software built by open-source developers.

Downloading KeePass FOR Your Devices

KeePassXC has impressive security options second to none and is available on most browsers and platforms. The application is available for several desktop operating systems. Moreover, there are interoperable versions of KeePass for mobile devices.
You can download KeePassXC for your Mac, Windows, or Linux device here. We recommend KeePass2Android for Android users and Strongbox for iPhone users.

How to Use KeePassXC to Save a New Database

After successfully downloading and installing KeePassXC, follow the following steps to save a new KeePassXC database.
Select "Create New Database"
How to Use KeePassXC
Type in a name for your database
Configure "Encryption Settings"
Maintain default settings on "Encryption Settings."
Hit "Continue"
Enter Master Passphrase
Browse "file name" and "location."
Be sure to Create a master passphrase that is strong and easy to remember.
It is the key to access all the passwords stored in the vault. So, you can't hold it in the vault. You can write it down and keep it securely for some days until you memorize it.

How to Create and Manage Password Entries in KeePassXC

You can create and manage password entries of different accounts in the software. To do so:
Select the "Add a new entry" icon.
Type in relevant information about the account
Click on "OK" to save a new entry
How to Use KeePassXC
Save the database
The Add Entry window enables you to keep details about a specific account in your KeePassXC database. When entering account details, use a descriptive name for easy identification. Your account username and password are essential in the descriptions. Also, you can add notes on account recovery details and URL addresses. All the information you enter gets encrypted in the database.

Synchronizing KeePassXC Across Your Devices

If you intend to use your passwords on all your devices, you can sync them across the devices. Even so, you will need to upload your password database on a service or tool. These can include Dropbox or Google Drive. Furthermore, you will have to download sync applications on all your devices.
After that, log in to the app on all the devices you wish to use. Locate and open the folder for your synchronizing software. Transfer the database to the synch app. It will automatically update across your devices. Make sure that your mobile device uses the new database location.

Using KeePass as A Browser Plug-In

Instead of copying and pasting logins from your database to online accounts, you can use browser plug-ins. Browser plug-ins enable you to fill out logins automatically. You can download the browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. However, the applications might be a little different as KeePass represents an extensive ecosystem of software.
You must import your password vault to enable the browser plug-in to recognize it. For starters, allow KeePassXC to share data with the extension. You will have to launch the app and change the settings.
For Linux and Mac users, click on "Preferences" and select "Browser Integration." After that, select "Enable KeePassXC browser integration."
Windows users can: click on "Tools" and open "Settings." After that, select "Browser Integration" and lastly click on "Enable KeePassXC browser integration."
After enabling KeePassXC browser integration, you can pick your browser. In your browser, click on "KeePassXC," then select "Connect." Lastly, add the connection name for your KeePassXC and your browser. Now you can access your KeePass database from your browser.

How to Change Existing Passwords in KeePass

There are times when you change your online account passwords for security reasons. After changing online passwords, be sure to update the new passwords in your database too. The process can be a little different for each account.
To change your online account password using KeePass:
Open the change passwords page in account settings.
Transfer the account logins from KeePassXC to the account settings page.
Replace the KeePassXC password with a new and random password
Transfer your new passphrase into the account setting page.
Save the changes
The KeePassXC password manager helps you to generate a unique and robust password. Also, it allows you to specify the length of the password. Furthermore, you can choose the type of characters to include in the password.
How to Protect Your KeePassXC Password Managers?
Regardless of the type of password manager you are using, you should always keep the database safe. When you fail to secure your password manager, your passwords and accounts will be at risk. You can secure your KeePassXC in two ways.
For starters, you can set up two-factor authentication for your password manager. Secondly, you can update your password manager apps as soon as you see notifications of newer versions.

What Happens If You Fail to Manage Your Passwords?

If you fail to manage your passwords, dark web hackers can easily access your online accounts. Cybercriminals can get personal details like bank account details and passwords. They can trade such information on the dark web and get paid in cryptocurrency. Moreover, they can use the information for identity theft and in creating other illegal accounts.
Hackers use the Tor browser to access the dark web. The browser leaves no internet trails and ensures their anonymity. This makes it difficult for authorities to track them. So, if they access your data, it would be available to millions of criminals in the darknet. People can use this information to destroy your reputation.

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