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Communicating with Others

By J.Austine
Communicating with Others

Users connect to the dark web using an anonymizing browser called Tor. The whole point of Tor is to protect the identity and origin of its users. Still, most of what happens on the dark web requires communicating with others. Hence, this brings up the question of how communication is done. What technologies get used, and how can you protect yourself

Communicating with Others Across the Internet

The oldest form of communication across the internet is sending a text. So then, emails are the backbone of many services that need registration or logins. Besides, basic email is not encrypted; it needs more encryption. This is to ensure that anyone intercepting the message can’t read the content.
Technologies like PGP and HTTPS are examples of how text communication can get secured.
Also, a forum is pretty easy to use. There are open-source forum solutions that users can install. For instance, in the dark web, this means hijacking a legit web server. For example, the one at work and then porting it through Tor. As a result, dark web servers go down suddenly.
That happens when system administrators discover what has been done.

Live Chat Sites

In the 90s and 2000s, Internet Relay Chat or IRC was quite popular. Users could be online at the same time and could communicate via text chat. However, IRC has fallen out of favor. This is because every media platform offers the same. But with more whistles and bells.
For example, almost everyone has Whatsapp. Following this, the dark web has websites that host chat software. Here, people communicate with others in anonymity. It can be in private or in a public visible chat room.


The dark web has marketplaces that sell contraband. Dark markets sell things like drugs and fraud related listings. Some of them even sell terrible things such as child porn or guns, but those are mostly banned from mainstream black platforms. The platforms offer a system where criminals trade securely. All transactions are often in the form of cryptocurrencies. The most common being Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR).
Since users need to negotiate, the darknet marketplaces provide chat tools. The tools protect both sides of the transaction. Also, they act as a neutral facilitator. With the tools, everyone benefits. Likewise, dishonesty is rare but not unheard of!

VOIP and Messaging Apps

Now, in some cases, communication does not happen on the dark web. Apps with end-to-end encryption have come up. In fact, encryption made them a viable option. Examples of these apps are Telegram and Signal. After users make contact on the dark web, they shift to the apps.
End-to-end encryption means that no one knows what the conversation entails. It is a safe way of communicating with others about anything. Keep in mind that encryption doesn’t protect against getting fooled.

The Use of VPNs When Communicating With Others on the Dark Net

For sure, using Tor means that the content of your communication is hidden. Yet, that is not enough. Getting connected to the Tor network can raise the eyebrows of authorities. The only way to stay safe is to use a VPN. Therefore, the VPN masks your connection to the outside world.
Note that not all dark web users are cybercriminals. Some people use the platform because they value their privacy. Also, other people want to experience interesting and nice conversations. Otherwise, the conversations aren’t on the Clearnet.

What is on the Dark Web?

You can expect to find anything on the dark web. A report found that dark web users can even trade counterfeit money. But, again, the dark web does sell contraband only. You can also get books that have long been out of print. Moreso, there are several sites run by whistleblowers.
The individuals look to expose corporate and government corruption. Here are some of the things found in the dark market.
Drugs. The dark web is infamous for providing black markets where cybercriminals buy illegal drugs. A good example of a black market is Silk Road. Besides, the FBI shut down the site in 2013.
Child pornography. The dark web houses plenty of pornography. In addition, people like to remain anonymous while browsing pornography. Again, the dark web presents the perfect platform. According to research, the site has millions of child pornographic material.
Firearms. If you are looking to buy guns on the dark web, then you are not alone. Europe represents the largest market for firearms on the dark web. Pistols form 84% of firearms on sale on the dark web.
Credit cards. Criminals sell stolen credit card numbers to other criminals on the dark web. With these numbers, they can make unauthorized online purchases.

The Deep Web and the Dark Web

The dark web is often mistaken for the deep web. Some people even use the terms interchangeably. Even so, the two are quite different. Now, the deep web refers to all pages that don’t pop up during a web search. Yet, the dark web is a small part of the deep web.
The deep web mostly comprises benign sites such as:
Encrypted email accounts
Parts of paid subscription services like Netflix
Sites that et accessed via an online form
The deep web is about 500 times bigger than the surface web. So then, by comparison, the dark web is very small. Consequently, deep web safety is more relevant than dark web safety. The reason being, you can end up in many dangerous areas by accident.
In fact, many parts of the deep web get accessed using normal internet browsers. This is how users end up on a piracy site or a politically radical forum. Not forgetting, viewing violent and disturbing content.

Disadvantages of the Dark Web

When using the dark web, the internet loads way too slow due to connection. To get connected to a forum, it should connect from A to B to C. Remember not to click on links if you are not using Tor.
Malware is all over the dark web. Thus, users often find themselves exposed to malware like Keyloggers. Cybercriminals use the tools to perform malware attacks. As a result, avoid dark web file downloads. You can use an antivirus program to check any incoming files.
Though the dark web is relatively small, many people communicating with others mainly do this through technology.
In conclusion, you can visit the dark web if you want, but do not let kids near it.

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